Solar panel for Power House 400

I got a the power bank Power House 400 a couple of months ago in Chile and I am very much happy with this unit.

I am wondering if someone here has bought a solar panel that works with it to use the complete capability of it for enhancing the autonomy.

I been trying to get some help locally but until now I am not sure which kind, brand or model of panel I could use.

Regards and thanks in advance Anker community.

When I think solar, I think @professor … I’m not even sure if I should, but I do.

I think you’d need a very expensive or big solar panel to power the Power House 400

I use this solar panel regularly.

But I use much smaller batteries with DC inputs. I have been able to take all my small devices (including my chromebook) off grid during the summer months with set of batteries in rotation, including Anker batteries of various types.

That powerhouse takes a 16.8V=3A supply, so you’ll need something much bigger than linked above. I’m not sure about that - I have never gotten into anything this big, so it’s all theoretical for me. @professor would be better positioned to recommend one of those.

There are non-Anker solar systems owners have stated work.

Go to

There’s enough evidence there to show it can be made to work, and some specific products, but which ones you can buy in your country, will take some research.

So while your question is to the community, no community member has (recently) said they had a stated proven combination, but above shows it can be done.

The reason I don’t have direct experience is I don’t need a Powerhouse, don’t own, and I just use Powercore and then the same 21W Anker panel above. This work out lower cost and smaller size and I changed my devices to not require AC over the years. Accepting others have different needs.

Hi All,

You have been really kind on helping me on this topic. I have a better understanding now on what I should do so now I just have to find out from which place I could get to my home.

Many thanks again for your help!!!

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Glad we could help

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