Solar Charging PowerCore 15000 Redux

I am attempting to charge my PowerCore 15000 Redux with a 28W Solar Charger from BigBlue ( but so far it does not seem to charge - 8 hrs in full son and barely 1 dot. According to user Feedback on their site, it should be capable - is there any special adapter or software needed to make this work?

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Hey @donjerue
You should need anything other than what you have, plus a strong source of light of course.
I think it’s a matter of working out what component is causing the problem.
Does the PowerCore charge OK plugged into the mains supply.
Is the Solar Panel generating enough power output from its light input? You can by dongles on eBay and Amazon to test this.
If the above check out OK, you could try a different cable.
Are you trying to charge multiple items at the same time with the solar panel?
If you are try connecting just the PowerCore.
Trying the above should help identify the issues and you can resolve from that.

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Eliminate the cause to the solar panel, the cable, the Powercore.

Does the Powercore 15000 recharge normally (about 8 hours) with that cable from a wall socket charger capable of 5V 2A?

Try different cable with the above if it doesn’t.

Then once you’ve verified the cable does work in a wall charger, then try that same cable in the strong sun.

28W is not a realistic expectation, usually around half of that in strong sun, so 14W. The Powercore needs 10W so should recharge in around 8 hours which it should get in strong strong sunshine with the panel aligned with the sun.

See if the solar panel does actually work, try charging something else, like a phone.

If you place the Powercore in sun while being recharged, it will charge slower and will likely fail quickly, keep the Powercore in cool shade, only the solar panel itself in sun.

The Powercore needs 5V 2A, the solar panel outputs 5V so there is no need for anything special, just eliminate the cause to bad panel, bad cable, bad Powercore. Most probably the fault is the cable.

The functionality of such solar panels depend on the solar radiation.
No sun, no power.
Make sure the position of the panel is really perfect.
I would charge only one , not multiple devices.

True but it matters much less with a very large panel, I’d expect a 28W panel to give the 10W the Powercore needs in moderate conditions.

I don’t have this particular panel so can’t be sure of how good it is. I do have the Anker 21W panel and it gives 10W easily enough in less than perfect conditions, I used a USB meter on it. I do know they wired the 3 panels in series meaning if I partially blocked any part of the panel it would fully stop output, so it’s weakness was partial shade rather than say cloud. As you know a semiconductor is an insulator normally unless it is turned into a conductor via a minimum voltage. If a part of a solar panel is not seeing sun it will act as a resistor, if that part is in series with other panels it will block electrons from flowing through it if the voltage is low. So it’s possible the panel is designed badly. I doubt that is the case here.

Give it another try and let us know if it worked any better