Solar charger

The PowerCore user manuals say the unit input expects a 5Vx2A=10W power supply. Is there any problem charging the PowerCore with a solar charger that provides 0.6Ax15.4V=9.24W that obviously waivers a lot as passing clouds and changing angles diminish those numbers?

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The solar panel would need to output 5V to match the PowerCore.

When using a solar panel that outputs 5V, power fluctuations from passing clouds, etc should still allow the PowerCore to charge.

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Thanks for the info, Ryan. But its not exactly on point. I still need to know what happens if I use a solar panel putting out something up to 0.6Ax15.4V=9.24W.

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15V could damage a device that only accepts 5V. It’s important that the voltages match to prevent issues.

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Thanks again, Ryan. I’d like to get more information on the voltage limits the PowerCore can withstand without damage. Obviously, there has to be some latitude in the input voltage.

I’m curious as to which solar panel you are using? Since it sounds like you have a USB interface to insert into the PowerCore to charge it, it could be quite possible that the solar panel can additionally output 5V.
15V would be too high and would likely trip the PowerCore’s safety mechanism and prevent it from charging or, worst case, permanently damage the charging circuit.

Thanks, Ryan.

I use the Powerfilm 10W Foldable solar panel and the Powerfilm 30W foldable solar panel.

I’m looking for a definite answer regarding the PowerCore circuitry. I already know that excess voltage might damage the charger or it might not, and that it might work fine or it might not. Then it again, it might work fine in some circumstances and not in others. I’m trying to narrow the possibilities I already know about.

According to our historical experience, the charging parameters do not match, so we do not recommend to charge the PowerCore.

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