Solar charger to power battery charger?

I own an Anker 8W foldable solar charger (5V / 1A). I was wondering if I can connect it directly to an USB battery charger. This one for example says it requires 2A current input - can I just use 2 batteries instead of 4 or do I need a different solar charger?
Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Not an expert, but your 8W solar charger is way under powered. It would take you forever to recharge your batteries, even under ideal conditions. You need something like a solar panel used for RVs and boats. What you have is a trickle charger.

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Were you planning on home use or when you’re outdoors?

Sounds like a good idea

I know you won’t like to hear this but what you’re attempting to do is not likely going to work. The smaller solar panel you have is an older technology which is not likely to be give 8W they usually give about half the claimed amount so about 4W so <1A, chances are then your battery charger will either not work at all or work only in perfect conditions.

You can consider a few different approaches from low cost to high cost:

  • lowest cost is to buy a Powercore which has 2A output and use it to drive your charger.
  • next highest cost is to get new solar panel like the 21W newer Anker. In good conditons the 21W will give out 2A 5V and so operate that charger.
  • higher still is to get both a Powercore and new 21W solar.
  • remove the underlying reasons why you need that charger, use different devices and then power them from new solar and Powercore.

Thank you all for your comments.

I prefer the solar charger to the Powercore, because I’d like to use the charger when I’m outdoors (weeks, no car, heavy backpack).

Nigel: “next highest cost is to get new solar panel like the 21W newer Anker. In good conditons the 21W will give out 2A 5V and so operate that charger.”

It’s bigger than I expected but okay. I also saw the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite (15W), it’s lighter and should still provide “up to 2.1 A” according to the description. Do you think it would work?

I really like Anker’s care to detail, customer support, but in the case of solar I have to recommend another brand.

This one is lower cost, has a zipped pouch to hold your charging item and is about the same performance as the Anker 21W. The solar panel technology is the same.

These are the best reviews I have seen, observe performance is often half that claimed.

Anker’s 21W is excellent, consider it more to a 10W panel and so more of a solution to your 2A input battery charger problem which can be solved in other ways.


Thanks a lot Nigel !


Ok, apparently the Choetech charger works but… anything I try to connect to its usb port keeps turning on and off every few seconds. Never seen this with Anker product. Maybe I got a faulty unit… I’ll try emailing support.

Edit: no reply from support after 2 days. I’ll ask for a refund.