So far, so good

I’d just like to share my experience so far, 2 days after setting up my system. Yes, it takes a bit of time and trial and error to mount the cameras in the optimal position (I’ve been up and down the ladder a few times) and adjust the motion sensitivity so it’s just right for the area you want to monitor, but it performs way better than I was expecting from all the negative comments on here.
This is my first Kickstarter purchase and I’m one happy customer. Looking forward to future updates and new features, my suggestions include:

  • set different motion sensitivity for Home and Away modes;
  • mute notifications for known faces;
  • set different notification tones for known faces;
  • manually set recording time;
  • a Windows-based app for pc; and
  • solar powered charger.
    I will be buying more cameras as soon as they are available. Hopefully Kickstarter backers will get a discount :slight_smile:
    Thank you eufy.

No, thank you.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with and we appreciate the suggestions!

We should be coming out with a way to access the videos on PC relatively soon!

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