Smartphone radiation

We all use a phone in one way or another, as technology evolves as with smartphones, we tend to forget the things that worried us early on. When smartphones were just kicking off and becoming main stream everyone worried about radiation, so they sold this antenna sheild us from it. Then it fell off and we all forgot about it, well recent report shows that certain phones emit way more than others, these phones can be considered high end budget phones.
Take a look and see where your phones stands and let us know your thoughts.


Whew. Mine isn’t on there. Btw, iPhone 7 and 8 are defiantly not budget phones. They were apples flagships when they came out.

That’s why you shouldn’t keep your phone in your pocket because they are not sure the extent of the damage the radiation could cause. My dad doesn’t even hold his cell phone o his ear because he doesn’t want it going to his head

I was referring to the ones with the highest rated radiation output

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Ahh. That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.

I couldn’t help notice that’s Samsung didn’t make the list :slight_smile::sunglasses:


I’m interested to see there radiation numbers. Why are some phones so high in radiation while others barely make the list?

It’s all in the design and materials used for the phone.


Is it more expensive to make it have low radiation? Or just by choice of the manufactures?

It’s all in design I would assume, not necessarily by choice

@Jesse_Hernandez1 here is the list from 2017 from another source, different numbers than the first post


And I’m assuming the power supplied to the antenna.

Damn you had to burst my bubble didn’t you?:smiling_face:

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8 wasn’t a flagship, the X was that year, while the 7 was a mirror to the 6s with a slightly beefier processor. They were the expected model releases, and based off of reviews seemed to be on the budget side of performance with regards to other phones on the market to compare with.

Regarding radiation, its the trade off with pretty plastic/glass phones that are sleek/light. Absorbing waves requires more size and material to try and diminish signals.

Actually Apple did not consider the X to be there flagship. They considered it to be the “premium” phone. It was actually a very smart business model on apples part. They had the 8/8+ be the flagship one year, along with the X as the premium phone. Than the next year they called the XS/Xs max there flagship phones (same price as X) and the XR (same price as 8) there “budget phone. So on the course of two years they were able to subtly bring up the price of there phones.

Sure, but mac users all disagree, highest phone usually ends up being the flagship. Samsung Note series, LG G series, etc.

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So what’s everyone’s thought on radiation. Do you guys anything to avoid it or just ignore it?

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I try to just avoid it and take my phone out of my pocket whenever I can. There’s so much radiation everywhere nowadays it’s hard to avoid.

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Im of the “I don’t wanna know mindset”. If you really knew everything you were subjected to regularly it would astound you.

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The people walking around in tinfoil hats and sleeping in
Faraday cage beds don’t look so crazy nowadays​:joy::joy:

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Your TV emits far more radiation. It’s how the licencing people in the UK can tell if you use a TV without a licence.

I’ve used a mobile phone since September 1993 and I wouldn’t say it’s done me any harm. Oh the nuts thing… That goes well back to my childhood and from my nutty mother (may she burn in hell)

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Well, there are different devices. Active transmitting devices. And passive receiving devices. Ok. I do not say that only transmitting devices produce radiation. Also receiving devices produce them. But much less - at least in household environment.

The most important factor of the radiation of all devices -whether transmitting or receiving or whatever - is one thing:

The power of radiation drops with the distance. Not linear but in square ! This is important to know.

The problem with mobiles is: you hold them against your ear - in most cases. So the distance is very little.

You do not hold any other device - like TV - against your ear or your body.

And please remember: in case you use your phone in the car, the mobile switches to maximum power. Because it is shielded by the car. And you are inside with the phone. Whether on your ear or not.

I do not want to blame the mobiles - but if I can avoid some risk, I try to do it. So also with mobiles it is possible to reduce the risk - if there is any: hold it in distance of your body - which is possible with most of actual mobiles.

I see more and more young people holding the phone not to the ear, but in front of them: I like this and recommend it. No need for aluminium raincoat …

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