Smartcharge Halo just passed Fcc

The smartcharge Halo has just passed through fcc and hopefully we will see it soon. It offers 3 USB ports w in th up to 30watts charging capability as well as use of the Roav app to help locate and find your car via bluetooth connection. What do you guys and gals think of this new charger? Is it something that you would be interested in? and at what price point do you think it will come out in?

Here is the manual


Looks like an upgraded version of the Roav SmartCharge Spectrum (currently $21.99, rated 4.1 :star:). I find it interesting that the middle port is QC 3.0 instead of PowerIQ 2.0. :confused: Also unfortunate that the maximum output is 30W instead of 42W like some other car chargers from Anker so that both IQ ports could charge at full-speed simultaneously. Hopefully this model also incorporates other under-the-hood improvements that address some of the original complaints reviewers had with the Spectrum.

Overall, looks like another solid product upcoming from Roav by Anker. Hopefully we see the inclusion of USB-C in these special edition car chargers sooner rather than later.

As for pricing, my guess would be $35 or so.


Would only be interested if it has USB-C Power Delivery.

I use the Roav Spectrum in my car and love it.


I too used the spectrum in my car and my wife’s car. But I really hate having to use my USB-a to USB-c cable and would prefer just to carry my c to c cable. Once they make a car charger with multi usb-c ports I’m all in on it

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Agreed, I’d like a USB-C PD version of the Spectrum but the QC 3.0 port charges very fast so I’m OK with it. For now it’s my favorite car charger.

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How often do you use the Spectrum’s extra features?

The Parking Locator is what I use every time I use my car. It’s my favorite feature in the Roav Spectrum app. I also like the fact that you can update the firmware of the Roav Spectrum via app.


Been an unusually long time since FCC… wonder if this product has been scrapped. Didn’t seem to introduce many big changes in the first place.