SmartCharge F3 FM transmitter volume

Just got my F3 from Amazon and am generally happy with it. But one issue I found is that the volume through the FM transmitter is extremely low – to hear anything, I would have to turn the volume on my car stereo way up, and then I get blasted if I change to something else. The volume is just fine through the Aux 3.5mm jack, so I’ve been using that. Has anyone else noticed this problem (and have you found a fix)? Thanks!

Always adjust the volume on your phone to a desirable setting and then adjust it on your car stereo. it could just be that your bluetooth volume for the device is set so low it makes it hard to hear anything inside the car unless you turn the cars stereo volume up

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As @Tank mentioned set your phone volume then control sound with the car radio. By default our phones have the phone down to around medium to low. I think this may be to protect our ears when we first turn them on. Some phones will store your volume settings once paired with the phone. For me I turn the phone volume to max and then control the volume on the radio.

Agreed, I would turn your phone volume to the max first and then adjust as needed on the radio

I too am experiencing this issue even with my phone volume to the max , must turn car speakers up to max to get sound