Smart bulb not finding wifi

Hi there. So ive been using the smart bulb for a couple of months and worked great but turned it on today and its not working.Its staying plain white and i cannot connect to it anymore with the app.I am trying to reset it by turning it off and on 5 times at least with no change and i am not finding the Eufy wifi on my samsung or iphone to connect. any help would be great. I even reinstalled the app and make a different account. Ive also tried going into airplane mode to clear the wifi and nothing. thanks !

Make sure your smart bulb and phone are close the router when you set it up first time - this is a best practice. Also make sure you have 2.4 GHz wifi setup.

Definitely agree with the 2.4 ghz being available. I was having issues with mine as well and saw that my guest network was solely using 2.4 ghz, whereas my normal network was using both. I changed the setting to my guest network and connected with no issues. Also make sure your router does not have any type of MAC filtering or anything that would prohibit new connections from being established.

initial setup should be done in close proximity to your router. After that you can move it to the intended location.

The new Lumos 2.0 has improved Wi-Fi Stability! Which enables a newly designed antenna to enhance reception of wireless signals for working further away from routers… It’s only $12 bucks and change right now!

I tried everrything everyone said and still no go. Even used my neighbors to see if it worked and still nothing. Driving me crazy lol Does the Lumos 2.0 do different colors? Im using it for my gaming setup and looked great before not working.
Thanks everyone for the responses.