Smart battery case

I have not seen any smart battery case aside from this case from apple (the case does look ugly.
What does it means to be a smart battery case? it should become one with your phone. So you can charge it using the same connector, charge the device first then the battery, use battery power before the phone battery. can track the battery of both device.

Anker should make this kind of product and make it look better than apple

Like this :wink:

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They are certainly not. Both case use micro USB input. And it appear on their picture that the case is not recognized by the phone as an battery case, it just recognize it as a power source.
Anker key is no difference from other case out there.

What I want to emphasize on is the idea that the phone and the case become one. It can track battery status on screen, use the case battery first and charge the phone first.

and this:
“Turn off the case before recharging it.”

the second one is like a battery strapped on to the phone. and you have a small cable to plug it in when you want.

Ah gotcha, your meaning for a battery case to be made that works in tandem with the phone, so it provides additional battery life but can be charged in tandem (or alternated) with the phone battery.

I actually had the official Apple Smart Battery case for awhile, but ended up returning it. I really liked the fact that it used a Lightning port as you mentioned. And I actually liked the “hump” on the back as I thought it made the phone easier to hold.

However, what I couldn’t get over was the added weight. It just seemed to weigh down my pocket too much. So I’m back to carrying my phone in one pocket and an Anker power bank in the other.

I agree with you @demol3: I would like to see wider adoption of the Lightning port on battery cases (and power banks)!


yeah, having added battery on the back will substantially increase the weight.
I think that lightning should be added on apple oriented mobile products (except macbook though).
but on something like powerbank, usb type c could be better.

Thanks @demol3, your suggestions are much appreciated, we will forward the details of the smart battery case straight to our PM team, so they can be made aware of the idea.:hugging:

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@TechnicallyWell I do the too but Girls give me weird looks walking around with a 20100 USB-C in my blue jeans front right pocket. Its not my fault I like having a weeks worth of power, but hey if you want to spend $60 on a mope battery with only an additional 300% battery thats your choice. I’d rather have a better brand and more battery for that price

You know, there isn’t just Apple devices out there… I’d love to see Anker roll out some Android cases too

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I know, but since google has not made any reference design, I dont know how well the accessory will perform in android though. will it smart?