Slow Flashing blue light (not fast)


I bought today a PowerWave Base Pad - A2505011. I have a original Samsung Note 8 charger with fast charge this model: Flat Travel Adapter Charger with USB Type C | Samsung UK


Flat Travel Adapter Charger with USB Type C Samsung UK

With the Samsung Flat TA Charger, you can be sure that your Samsung Galaxy or other micro USB compatible Device

  • Power

    • Input Voltage 100-240 V
    • Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge) 5 V
    • Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge) 9V
    • Output Current (Max, Normal Charge) 2 A
    • Output Current (Max, Fast Charge) 1.67A
  • General Feature

    • Features 15W Fast Charge
    • Interface USB-A

When I plug in the Anker wireless ase pad with the cable that came in the box from Anker the light of the wireless charger flashes blue, slowly, like every 2 seconds (not fast as it does when you put a metal plate or other obstruction on it) and my phone (Note 10) does not charge, nor does other phones.

If I use one of my micro USB cables that I have around (thin ones) it works. If I use other micro USB cables that are thicker like the one that came with the wireless pad, again, the light flashes slowly blue and it does not charge.

If I use the other Samsung charger that came with my Note 10 (which has USB type C to USB A adapter) and I connect ANY Micro USB cable the wireless pad works.

Now I need to mention that before the pad I had and tryed another Anker wireless charger, the PowerWave Stand Upgraded - A2524012 which worked fine with that Samsung adapter and any other adpter/charger and cables that I had around.

So why does this Anker pad not work with that charger? I tought it was identical with the Power Stand (which worked) and also what does the slow flashing blue light mean?

Because it is not for obstruction or metal detection, since that has a fast flashing blue light not low like this one. (I have tried it and saw the difference)

I can’t use the Pwerbase Pad like this unfortunately since it has this issue.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Hopefully someone with a greater knowledge than myself will be able to come on an assist you better.

Hey @Cata_Linu
Welcome to the community :wave:t2:
If you spend more time here you find a wealth of knowledge and some long standing members happy to offer help and advice.
I’m sure there is a “technical” answer to your question but it does just seem like the power supply/charge pad combo doesn’t seem to work.
I have read in other threads that some Samsung chargers can be quite specific in its power delivery, perhaps that’s just one of them.
As you proved the pad works with other combinations of power supply and leads maybe it’s time to pack the Samsung chargers away and treat yourself to a new Anker Powerport and consolidate your chargers?