Slow charge with Dash Cam and Phone

I am using the PowerDrive Speed 2 with my ROAV C1 Dash cam, I have an Anker USB A 2.0 to C Powerline+ and my Essential PH-1

Sometimes charging will be quick and sometimes it will be slow… I have to remove all the cables and reconnect into the PowerDrive. Anyone know a better way? This is getting annoying!

Sounds weird, does just unplugging / plugging in the PowerDrive from your 12v socket give the same improvement to speed you mentioned for cables?

I’m taking it there’s nothing built up in the 12v socket, that could be causing conduction issues?

Thanks for the response. I don’t think I’ve tried that yet. I will shortly and report back.

No there’s nothing built up or impeding the 12v socket.

In my wife’s car, I have the same issue where we lose speed charging devices. I have found that if it gets bumped or is a little off center this will happen. So now whenever I get in her car and plug my phone in, I make sure to recenter it. Works like a charm everytime


I think I may have the same issue. I just do what @elmo41683 does. But it doesn’t happen that often. I just notice when my crappy LG G4 starts rapidly discharging when running GPS. When that happens I adjust the charger and its starts fast charging again. I think its a socket issue. Because I can put the charger in my wife car or use hers (she has the same one) and her car doesn’t have the issue.

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Removing the PowerDrive from the socket seems to help. A little less annoying, but still pretty frustrating.

Oh well. Thanks for the help!

Now it’s getting worse… Removing Dash cam, Socket, cable from phone etc.

Any other thoughts? @AnkerOfficial , please help!