Best site for product discounts including Anker items

I have been using for years. Use the search feature to search for a specific item you might be looking for or just use the home page to find new slick deals. Site is updated constantly. I find deals on literally everything including TVs, computers, etc. Anker items are listed on there constantly as well. You will end up buying things alot more than you do now. :slight_smile:

This is the best place to find new deals on cool products, or use to price match or know what an item was priced at in the past to compare.

Good luck!

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I’ve used slickdeals as well and can attest that the site does offer good coupons or discounts. Going there now to search for Anker.

I thought Anker sold on Amazon almost exclusively…I don’t know if I want to trust that website.

Slick has a bunch of deals that require shady and dodgy practices…


They wrongly tolerate affiliate URLs. Worse yet they allow nested affiliate URLs

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