Skullcandy Indy "Liberty Air Copycat" debuts

Looks awfully similar to our Liberty Air

I don’t know that it’s quite close enough to AirPods, or liberty air to call them “copycats”. It’s just another brand trying to make a few bucks on earbuds :man_shrugging:

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From seeing recent articles and products, I feel, any product cannot justify they are “Original” unless they have patents or people see them first…

People in glass houses don’t throw stones at others kind of thing… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Can see some similarities but like others have mentioned previously, how original can you really get on a pair of earbuds :raised_hands:

Awaits the meme’s from this statement :laughing:

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I am having a hard time finding the article, but if memory serves earbuds are much like the eyeglass industry. A rather large chunk of vendors are made at one facility so there are tons of brands, but they all have many similarities in the aesthetics.

So many earbuds looking like this, you only have to do an Amazon search for that.

If these look like the Liberty Air, then both look like the AirPods. Period.

These look nice but they don’t look to much like Air Pods and yes they have similar features. But there’s only so many design options on wireless earbuds you can do and the features are limited as well.

Air pods, are a fixed sized earphone. Whereas all the others come with silicon ear tips so you can vary your fit.

Apple as usual… You fit us, we don’t fit to you! lol