SKU of Anker's Micro USB 6ft Cord

What is the product SKU of Anker’s Micro USB 6ft Cord:

I am wanting to file a replacement under warranty, and I have accidentally thrown away the box it came in. If the product SKU is on the box, how would I continue to file a warranty replacement?

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I believe that’s basically it in you link: A7116011

I also clicked through to the purchase link and upon inspecting the customer images with the reviews I found an image that had the same SKU barely visible on the back of the box.


hope that helps

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You do not need the sku to file warranty claim, what you need is your order number from when purchased or receipt if brought in an approved store and the serial number of the cable you have


The reason I asked was b/c it requested it to file a warranty replacement.

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I saw that A7116011 in the link and I had a feeling that that code (A7116011) was the SKU, but I wanted to make sure before I filed the warranty form and they would reject it b/c it was incorrect and I didn’t want that.

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Yea i never used that form, i always just emailed them directly for my warranty

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Have you ever had any Anker cables brake on you? I have multiple (2 Micro USB and 2 Lightning Port for Apple) cables and this is the first one that has broken and I sent one of my Lightning Jack cables through the washer and dryer and it still works.

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I have had 1 micro usb cable flat out stop charging even though it looked fine, and a USB-C cable do the same. But thats about it for cables being replaced in warranty

Just asking for curiosity, have you had any of their speakers or power banks? If so, how’d you like them? I have their Soundcore 1 and a power bank of some kind and I love both

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I have a handful of powerbanks and a bunch of speakers and headphones, love everyone of them

Anker produces some of if not the best and most durable charging cables on the market especially the Powerline + & Powerline+II but nothing lasts forever.

If you’re interested you can spend a few more bucks and get an Anker cable that has a lifetime warranty.

I believe this 3 in 1 Anker cable is the only option for micro that has a lifetime warranty, somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.

If you have the order number and it’s still under the warranty period, just email them directly and you’ll be fine, you don’t necessarily have to use the form.

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