Silver/Gold PowerLine+ II (1ft)?

I love my powerline + II cables but I don’t understand why there are only two options for color in the 1ft variation. I’d really like to see at least the silver color in the 1ft length so I could have something to match the white PowerCore II 6700! Did they remove these color options because they were unpopular or were they never offered to begin with?

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I don’t think they were ever offered. And I think that most people would rather carry at least a 3ft cable, thus, why Anker doesn’t expand on their shorter cables. But I do agree with you, I like the idea of 1ft cables so I can have a microUSB, Lightning, and USB-C cable in the Anker pouch alongside my Anker power banks. I hate carrying longer cables.

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Why is there no 1ft cable of any colour or type of POWERCORE for usb-c to usb

I need a charging lead for my Powerbank. Would be nice not to carry a 1m lead in my back pocket all the time.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::clap:Yes more color choices. Anker should take your suggestion

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