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Hello I have an Efui 11. And have the following problem. The robot is fully charged at its station. When I turn it on, it sucks for about 20 to 30 seconds and then it goes into trouble. I cleaned it and tried to start it again. With the same result. He goes into disorder. Now I am finished with my Latin.
Question: What could be the problem?

Best regards
Oliver Kleisch

Hallo ich habe ein Efui 11. Und habe folgendes problem. Der Roboter ist voll geladen an seiner station. Wenn ich ihn an schalte, saugt er circa 20 bis 30 Sekunden und dann geht er in Störung. Ich habe ihn gereinigt und nochmal versucht ihn zu starten. Mit dem selben Ergebnis. Er geht in Störung. Jetzt bin ich mit meinem Latein am Ende.
Frage : Was könnte das Problem sein?

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Oliver Kleisch


Hallo Oliver,
schön Dich hier zu sehen.
Eine Bitte doch:
Schreibe doch deine Anfrage auf Englisch bitte.
Das ist die Sprache die wir alle benutzen. :slight_smile:
Wenn Du hier durch die Experten keine Lösung geliefert bekommst,
dann schreib dem Support eine email.
beste Grüße

Hello Oliver,
nice to see you here.
But do us a favor :
Write your request in English please.
This is the language we all use here. :slight_smile:
If our experts can not give you a satisfying solution of your problem
you should write an email to the support.
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Hi, when my 11+ starts acting up, its sometimes needs the front sensors cleaned. Even if looks clean give it a quick cleaning. I’ve also had to reset the remote a few times/replace the batteries, and I have had to unplug the base, turn the robovac to off using the switch on the side of the unit. These 3 steps usually get it running again. If that doesn’t work I would contact support via their email. Make sure to tell them what troubleshooting steps you have already tried. Also have your serial number handy and a copy of your purchase order they may ask for all this.

Their contact email is -

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Hello Oliver,
thank you following my advice to write your request in English.
If you solved the issues you have, please let us other RoboVac users know. :grin:

I use to clean the RoboVac after each cleaning job.
As Element321 mentioned the dust on the sensors at the front and at the bottom had to be removed properly
Also wheels and brushes may be adhered by hairs.

And at last, of course you are welcome to take further part in our community.

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@Oliver_Kleisch, sorry for the inconvenience the Robovac caused. Please be assured that we always stand behind our products and we are happy to assist you with an exchange if the problem turns out to be with it.

Would you let us know the error code (flashing/steady red indicator and how many beeps) when it stops? Different error codes indicate different causes. If you don’t mind sending us a video showing the issue, it will be much appreciated and can help us locate the cause instantly.

Also, please contact us via our "", and we will glad to help you exchange it once we confirmed the issue and your order detail.

We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.