Show me your fixes!

You know you love your Anker product, sometimes you expose it to hard work, it breaks, then you won’t lose it and you fix it, sometimes with tape, glue or an elastic band. This is a funny discussion where you can share your pictures about fixes to your broken Anker products. Let me be the first, I want to share my SoundBuds fix:

1. The cable was nearly breaking, so I glued it.

2. My son stepped on it so the volume down button was always pressed, I solved it breaking the whole button panel.

Finally, remember to share your pics and don’t let your beloved anker gadgets to die!


Nice to see them living in after near death :joy:

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things will always come to an end, but we cant help squeezing the last bit of life before saying goodbye

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:joy: Nice work, @walalm!


That works. There’s also sugru.


Yep glue gun and duct tape fix everything!

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Sugru will definitely fix that. :slight_smile:

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I’ve have owned one of their products long enough to kill it. I usually loose them before that.

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