Should I move from SlimBuds to Liberty Neo

I use my slimbuds daily, like all day. I wear them at work and take multiple calls and then watch movies on my phone at night. I lost some of the silicon ear hooks and tips, but replaced them with tips from dollar store wired buds as i couldnt find replacements.

So my question is should i switch to the Liberty Neo? how is the fit and sound?

Also i like having the slimbuds around my neck, how much of a transition is the wired wireless buds to the truly wireless buds.

thanks everyone!

Okay, so soundbuds slims are a completely different product then Soundcore Neo. I would recommend the “upgrade” though, especially since the Neo is on sale right now for 50$.

Since they are true wireless that means several things

  1. Pairing is actually slightly easier
  2. If one falls out, you don’t have the other one or a string to catch it.
  3. You don’t have an annoying cord in in between (most important point)

In my opinion the true wireless sounds worth it to me.

Although, depending on what you want, you may want to wait. I have a feeling anker will be releasing the liberty lite 2 within the next year, if you want to wait. (Just a guess)

It’s really up to you. I would probably upgrade to the Neo If thats what you want.

I have tested what I think must be more than a dozen Anker earbuds and headphones. The liberty Neo is the best value Anker has offered to this point. At the current sale price of $50, it’s really a no brainer.

Happy hunting.

For starters pairing is not difficult at all, in fact it’s easier than the Slim’s as once you remove them from the case the first time they are automatically in pairing mode and all you have to do is select them from your Bluetooth menu and your set. They auto pair whenever removed from the case

  1. That goes for any wireless earbud, but once you get the proper fit you will see it’s rather hard for the neos to fall out of your ear.

I have owned many of Ankers/Soundcore earbuds and I prefer the neos as they sound the best and you essentially forget they are there as they are that comfortable

I agree that pairing is very easy for most total wireless earbuds (Zolo, Liberty air and neo). I never has any issues.

I find that the soundbud slims are super easy in every way other than the fact that i cant but the replacement ear wing and bud. I think i may go for the neo, but if the liberty 2 is truly on the horizon i may wait…

thanks for your responses!!