Should I buy the new life q30 or the Space NC?

I need help, besides of the cost, what headphones do you think are the best?

Space NC is much older so I would definitely recommend Life Q30.

  • Q30 has USB C while NC has Micro-USB charging
  • Touch control on NC is not great at all especially play/pause tap and slide to change volume. Since Q30 had buttons and touchpad only for transparency mode, it should be easier and more reliable
  • Different NC modes on Q30 might also be better than NC. It’s been a long time since I tried NC and don’t remember the NC level on those but saw 2 videos about NC on Q30 and they are much better than Q20 or Life 2 that I own

Let us know if you have any more questions

As much as I love my Space NC, its an older unit. Based just on that, I get the Life Q30 even though I haven’t tested them.

The Space NC has good sound quality and in my opinion they out preform the Q20 and Life 2. I have the life Life 2 and don’t really like them that much and I tried out the Q20 at a store. I like them better than the life 2.

For me, if Anker doesn’t come out with a new version of the Space NC by time Space NC fail, then I will get Q30.

You should definitely get the life q30s

In my personal opinion the life Nc was a failure it was supposed to be the successor of the life q20 but it never was able to follow up with it.

I suggest you get the q30 for 80 bucks but if you want cheaper get the q20s for 50 bucks :+1:

Q30 was sold for $51 until recently, 30% off for $1. If missed that then wait for discount, likely not 30% too early but 20% I’d expect soon.

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