Should Anker stop using social media competitions?

  • Social media is harmless - I’m happy to have my details harvested
  • Social media is a method of monetising you - should be avoided.

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BBC News - Facebook faces mass legal action over data leak

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You know what I voted for.
But we will be a small, innocent, very “strange” minority.
But I, being a true neanderthalean will not mind and care about.:grin:
NEVER will use fakebug or the other … ( censored )

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In a world where everything appears to be free many know that’s not actually the case.
I’ve done well out of competitions and giveaways on social media so for me its a bit, meh, whatever.
Looking forward to seeing a few more entries @professor to build a bigger picture.

I don’t have FB only Instagram, which is basically about the same LOL, but I only used it for the giveaways and stuff

Whether we like it or not, our data is already being scrapped - example: widely used email service -Gmail, they know us in and out of what we do… so why not make good use out of it. The streaming service you use, targets you based on what you watch, how much you watch. Smartphone services using LTE provides data to carrier on what you surf, and what you can be targeted on. Companies make use of the data model and sell these details to other companies.

Using social media has served me well, won fair share of competitions and giveaways, so no complaints, which I use only for competitions. tweet, retweet, tag, share… not putting out anything personal :slight_smile:

It is not about Anker, “any” company that wants to sell “anything”, will make use of social media - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, few of the top services. So no matter what happens, companies will keep doing this to market thier products in one or other ways…

Facebook had so many data leaks, but the popularity is ever increasing and more users going to it. There will be many more data leaks, but there will be many more users going to it… I am not much on Facebook (deleted my account earlier, no interest to go back to it)


It isn’t ideal and not how I would market or shop. But I don’t mind the scraping too much - I limit the personal stuff on those sites to be scraped.

I avoid social media (FB, Instagram and whatever others).

It seems unfair to those that choose to avoid social media when competitions are announced requiring social media.

Competitions should be equally based.

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False equivocation.

Google knows you, true. But another Gmail user doesn’t know you.

Youtube knows you other YouTube users don’t. Unless you comment.

The Anker competitions are entirely different. You subscribe, so everyone else who subscribed knows you.

They then scrape information from you. They send message you you, knowing you like Anker (Soundcore, etc) pretending to be from them (congratulations you won) and then scrape even more.

Agree, but they are not, it’s weighted to as many social media you click on, each adding to your exposure, so the competitions encourage to use as many platforms possible.

How is everyone else knowing that I have subscribed or anyone else has subscribed?

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Only "The famous, wellknown “Mr. Random” " knows. :grin:

Not difficult. For example

The competition involving social media means those who apply are highly likely to click on a “you won” phishing coming from a fake “Soundcore” e.g.

So Anker using social media is inviting problems they’d not have if they avoided the whole social media.

Think the bigger point would be to keep a lot of their competitions here while linking everything from social media. Grows the community and still gets the word out. I am a firm believer that social media has many flaws, but it is also beneficial for businesses and advertising.

Being careful on clicking on emails, checking emails for sender address, verify if its legitimate… So far i have been good and lucky. I think it’s safe.

Also, if there are competitions or giveaway, the communication “always” in my experience have been on chat / message on that social media-- example Twitter Message or Instagram message.

Only Anker and sister companies contact and now i know the addresses and people sending those😁

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I dont use so I can not click.:rofl:

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Should statements are normative, they are founded on the beliefs and expectations of the individual.
Me, I don’t expect people to behave the way I think they should
Then if they don’t I’m not disappointed
And if they do, I’m not the proud
But I’m so old, I remember when Java wasn’t even a drink
Just be happy they aren’t mining us right now

As I am not ON facebook or twitter, it’s unfair that those people get extra chances to win.


Tim, go and register cause it’s a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook (especially with those competitions and extra chances of winning). I simply can’t understand people who don’t have any social media accounts because everything I can imagine any business, community have accounts on social networks to be closer to their readers/customers or to promote their services and products. For that they usually have to post every day, to control the advertising so it becomes much easier with onlypult and their useful blog