Should Anker produce a fitness tracker?

There’s a real market there if a quality budget one is made to go up against Mi’s Mi Band series. It’d certainly be easy enough for all of us to test them too.

What do you all think? And if so, what would you have as its features?


Definitely an interesting market for these, not sure how well it would contend with the likes of Fitbit as Anker have perfected accessories and I feel it may distract them from the good work they do - to invest time and effort to creating a fitness tracker but that’s just my opinion!

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I wouldn’t say it would be Fitbit or Jawbone they’d be marketed against, but Mi and Misfit come to mind.

Would certainly be down to try one, band or wrist watch kind. Currently use a Wahoo band which more than meets my gym needs but if Anker could produce one with key / better features I would certainly consider switching based on the quality of items I already own.

Their pricing would also be a key point to help steal the thunder of other fitness trackers.

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No. There are enough of these out there that have a wide price range and they’re not as simple as the other Anker product lines - there are drivers required, apps, etc.

I like the idea, but I already wear an Apple Watch and a FitBit, since I participate in different challenges on both. Unfortunately, my steps from Apple Watch don’t transfer to FitBit, so I need to wear both. If Anker’s fitness tracker would integrate with existing services (Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, FitBit, Jawbone UP, etc), then I would be all for it!

Would be nice to develop a simple tracker like under armour band.

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Sound more software related than hardware, though bundle that with a simple yet attractive band that doesn’t scream for it to be called an obvious tracker then I think it would fair better in striking that right balance in developing both hardware and software. Leave it open source and I’m sure it could do well in gaining all those connections!

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I certainly trust Anker in terms of industrial design and customer service but I think having to build out Android and iOS apps and the associated support infrastructure would be a pretty big deal. I suspect if they were going to do it they would have done so already, as the market is by now pretty mature.

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Although I agree that this might be distracting from their current projects, Anker has come a long way from selling just batteries and cables. I just purchased an excellent bluetooth keyboard for my iPad from them and I think that if it’s an IoT accessory, Anker has the quality and the design nailed. My motto has basically become, if it’s an accessory that I need/want and Anker makes it, I’ll buy it from them, regardless of what the competition offers. I think that the brand loyalty that Anker has created is like very few I’ve ever seen. Just the 18 month warranty means that they won’t be building crap products any time soon. I can definitely stand behind that.

Is there any other fitness based products on the market today

In terms of like sweat-proof or like headphones that would stay on while working out?