Should Anker make smartphones?

I think Anker should create a flagship killer, how about y’all? If they did, would you switch up?

I doubt they would jump into such a competitive market that is primarily dominated by Apple and Samsung (plus a few others). There main money maker is with products to support these devices.

Plus if they did jump into the smartphone market it would need to be one hell of a spec to make me jump back to Android now that all my stuff is on iOS (which would be the only logical OS for them to run)

Solid point, but I guarantee you if Anker pushed out an OLED 5.5",5.7"/SD820/Adreno 530/sd expan./removable 3600mah batt/4GB ram/64GB rom/unBloated Android Nugget device for $500/2 yr warranty they would destroy the game