Should Anker make a holsters for there Portable Batteries?

In my opinion, I think they should make one. I’ve seen some other kind of holsters that “fit” for them at amazon, but its a third party brand. Sometimes when I go out I don’t want to be holding my Note 4 and my anker 10,000mah battery in my hands both at the same time. What do you guys think?

While I could see some benefits for some (in industry applications like AV etc), would be kinda moot for my needs.

Leather or plastic belt clip to hold the portable chargers. Thinking of the length of cable and which pocket the two would be in.

Simply use a Mollie gun magazine holster and you should be good. This is what I use
[Amazon link showing picture ]( however, depending on size and width you might just want to go down to your local army navy store find a perfect fit and work with it

I was thinking about this today and I would agree, having a holster to hold the battery and maybe even the phone too would be awesome and so much easier to handle.

do it @AnkerOfficial !!!