Should Anker have high street shops/stores?

Would you want Anker to have a physical store where you can go touch and feel products before you make your mind up? Not everyone can buy something Online without actually feeling the product in hands.

Let me know what your opinion is regarding this.

I think online is better as shops can go into liquidation, just a thought, but being able to touch and physically see the product is also an advantage.

I agree that would be awesome ,an app is the in thing now a days.

This would be a cool idea but I think it would be better if they were sold online especially because online ordering is becoming more and more popular now.

I think it should so that more people can see the quality of anker products as many people may not know what the company even is.

Kind of like a test drive for a vehicle. A store would be nice, but then again like stated above online is getting more popular. Usually the reviews help determine how a product is in quality.

I really wish Anker had stores across the state. Does Anker have their products in stores?

Not that I know of, but retail shops would be another outlet if you will.

Retail shops are a step back. Startup style companies like Anker are capable of providing quality products at low cost BECAUSE they are online based. A retail store adds tens of thousands of dollars in expenses per month.

Wouldn’t want to go to a physical shop as prices would need to go up

I only go into food shops, sometimes clothes shops rarely. I review online buy online and ticked the option to leave the package at the door and if its missing worst case I can claim in creditcard insurance. Shops take effort to go into and queue etc.

Innovation is fastest if you bypass the shop as it is one hop not having it pass through the shop and being on the shelf.

No need. It would just make their products more expensive.