Should Anker get involved in wireless?

Seeing that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and up can do wireless charging, and I know of other phones beginning to do as well, I’d love to get an Anker wireless charger as I could imagine a strong charge, but ease of use with the wireless stations. Thoughts?


Great Question! Anker should make a wireless charging product. Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t have a product yet.


Is this what you’re looking for? Or do you want one built-in to a power bank?


I didn’t know Anker made a Wireless charging pad. Thanks!


I think they should work on making a wireless portable charger, and an apple watch one.

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PowerCore with wireless charging pad on top. Now that would be something to have.


Personally I don’t have any experience with wireless charging but I think it would be worth looking into.

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Didn’t know they had a base! Thanks for the reference!

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I have a Motorola wireless charger and it gets warm. Not sure of the charging speed, but when I switched to Anker, the charging speed went up much faster.

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I’m looking forward to a wirelessly chargable iPhone… Here’s hoping 2017.

So my 1st wireless charging device was I think a Nexus 7 from 2012 then a Nexus 4 that year, then Nexus 5 from 2013.

It certainly helps in a typical cycle of home - commute - office desk - commute - home as you tend to pick up phone and use and rest back down and typically end up leaving office fully charged and rarely have to plug in external power. Placing the phone down charges it, so you need 2 mats one at office one by bed. If that’s not your typical cycle then its not for you.

You can add wireless receiver to any mobile its a small plastic plate you put at back of phone under a case, and plug in a low profile into the phone, so for USB2 you need to pick the “A” or “B” side of how the non-reversible connector is shaped on your mobile.

I know there are also wireless built in transmitters in USB power banks.

It certainly is convenient but you end up needing to put it in plenty of common places like Qi transmitter by bed, at office desk, in car (they exist).

I have the round QI charging pad from anker (forget the model name). I bought it for my Nexus 4, and 5. It’s pretty good, and I can’t fault it. But wireless charging is rather slow, - that is, all wireless chargers. Now I have a Pixel I no longer use it.

It was ideal for sitting on my desk at work and simply trickle charging my phone during the day.

Honestly wireless charging still needs work. It’s a gimmicky feature at best in most devices. It charges slow and is probably only good if you want to charge overnight.

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Of course! I currently use a Samsung wireless charging pad which is great, but I would love an Anker product due to the aesthetics of Anker products

Yes! Anker should definitely look into wireless charging. The possibilities and popularity for wireless charging is ever expanding. I’d personally really love to see a wireless battery pack that you can use on the go. I haven’t seen many of these around but I think it should be something worth looking into.

A plate for iPhone is most certainly needed

A wireless power bank is a great shout.

Would have to find a way of securing the device to the power bank, whilst still being able to use the device.

Isaac, check the output voltage of your old charger and compare it to the Anker. Id bet the old one is lower. Yes they will get hot/warm thats to be expected. Just keep it on a solid surface.

I thought Anker already made wireless charging products for Android phones.

Here you go