Shoot Your Best Food Photos and Win PowerBucks

Are you a fan of gourmet cuisine? Are you a fan of food photos? This is your chance to show us your amazing talent. We’re exchanging your most awesome food photos for PowerBucks, which you can use in our PowerDraw to get your hands on some incredible weekly prizes.

Prize 1: 200 bucks, 200 points ( *1)
Prize 2: 100 bucks, 100 points ( *1 )
Prize 3: 50 bucks, 50 points ( *1 )

To help you join the contest, here are some FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS for you:


  1. Reply to this post and upload one of your best food photos.
    2. The winners will be announced on Anker Community on September 29th.
    3. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Winner Announcement:

Congrats to the three winners for the Food Photo Contest!

Essentially what I was looking for is a photo which is able to excite your sense of taste and makes you just want to reach into the photo put the food into your mouth.

I think these three photos managed to do it for me. The quality of the shots are also important. They have to be sharp, well exposed and have a balanced composition.

Congrats to our three winners:

Top 1 shot :@doris4jin

Top 2 shot :@bobbleheaderman

Top 3 shot :@demol3

Your winning points and bucks will be updated within 3 days in the account!

Again, a big thank you to all other participants, we’ll be having more points & bucks contests in the future, so keep an eye out for it!:hugging:



I’ve got a good idea for this one! Something we just learned in photography class!

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It just so happens to be that I love cooking :wink: I’m gonna have to go get some fancy plates though! :joy:


cedar planked Steelhead Trout. Cooked on my bbq and shot with my HTC one m7


Have you ever cooked on a himalayan salt stone? :wink: Those suckers make the food oh so tender and its fun to cook your meats on the hot salt block. Adds a sense of entertainment to dinnertime!

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I have not, sounds great though! We use Himalayan salt all the time.


I should not hold this contest… looking at your post…I feel so hungry…:joy::joy::joy:


Lobster is my favorite dish!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That looks delicious. :slight_smile: YUM!

I’ve often wondered about those. Does it make the meat salty though? And how does it work?

No the meat and whatever else you cook absorbs just the right amount of salt. You basically heat them up slowly on the stovetop, or gradually in the oven and then you remove and cook your favorite veggies, meats or seafoods. So far thinky sliced meats such as ribeye and flank steak have faired well and taste delectable. Fish and shrimp cooked on the block remain moist as well. Its hard to put into words how great food tastes when cooked on a himalayan salt stone. My mouth is now watering :joy:

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It’s actually crayfish, but essentially the same thing as these were large like lobsters usually are

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Shame, don’t have no fancy looking foods ‘round my kitchen. Just coffee. Lots of coffee.

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Wow, food contest.

Love food and food photos, :grin:

One of my favorites ~


what’s this?:heart_eyes:

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Not a big fan of shellfish but sure looks tasty! Is that a baked potato on top?

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I just wanna post this photo

Indeed it is a baked potato, it was soaked in salt water before being baked so the skin peeled right off when you grab it

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