Share Your Unique Spot with #BringACapsule | Win $100 Gift Card


  1. Take a picture of you and your crew watching something on the capsule in an interesting location!
  2. Post this on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #BringACapsule and @ us in it.
  3. On the 20th, we will post all the pictures we have found through the hashtag and post on the Facebook.
  4. From there, the top 5 pictures with the most likes will receive a 100$ Amazon gift card! Voting ends on the 23rd.

Wish I had a capsule so I could participate :frowning:

Good luck to those who do have a capsule. I can’t wait to see the creative locations you crazy kids come up with. :sunglasses:


Due to so few having a capsule, isn’t this an unfair competition?

It’s extremely limited.

I dont like, LIKES winners, as this brings it down to a pure popularity contest, and I could prob predict who’ll win on that basis! :crazy_face:


Just because it is limited does not make it unfair…


Of course it does… Oh, do you have a capsule?

If only 500 out of 200k have something, it makes it extremely unfair, as only 0.25% (just rough figures) of the community can enter.

No, I do not.[quote=“amangons, post:5, topic:61957”]
it makes it extremely unfair
Again, limited and unfair are two entirely different concepts.


It’s UNFAIR due to people not being able to enter if they wanted to, due to not having such an expensive piece of equipment

Just like, it’s unfair the really rich pay less tax than those who work hard for a living.


I wish I had one to be able to participate :frowning2:


Not everyone has all of Anker’s products, so no matter what we do, there are some people who can’t get benefits.

But for this event, we hope those who have a capsule could participate and win something!


Although I do see validity in both points of view, this contest is extremely limited.
Unfair ??? that depends.
I’ve seen Nikon/Canon run contests where you have to use an insanely expensive DSLR to win an insanely expensive DSLR (so only professionals can participate).
In my opinion this should not be pinned globally but would not mind looking at it once in a while and dreaming of participating :wink:


How about I post a picture using the Mars II? Since we dont have the capsule

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Hey I love less taxes… :wink: But yes I see your point about the contest being “unfair” I totally agree with your point. I see it as a reward though to those who did purchase or got one free to minimize their purchase price, kinda like taxes for the rich they make more money, yes. Do they donate more than the normal working class, also yes. :grin:

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I can understand both sides of the situation…it is indeed pretty controversial to say the least.

I feel like for a sweepstake for a brand like Anker (which primarily caters to people wanting quality affordable electronic equipment), choosing an extremely high end product (in comparison to other products’ price range) as a precondition to entering for a pretty mouth watering $100 gift card is a bit tough to chew. It sort of defeats the purpose of rallying the community for a fun event.

As someone mentioned earlier, it floats around this idea that Anker is rewarding the wealthy few who were either able to afford capsule or lucky enough to be a tester.

On the flip side, yes, i do realize that this situation is “it is what it is” and that if people dont have it, they cant enter. So I wouldnt necessarily call this event unfair per-se, but more along the lines of - Anker could have done a better job at understanding their customer/forum base before coming out with this event. I feel like this event either could have been with another product (more affordable), thus allowing many more people to enter for the fantastic prize, OR the precondition could have stayed the same but it could have been for a slightly less appealing prize, thus not giving the wrong idea to the loyal customers who might even feel betrayed by the situation.

In my eyes, this event could have been executed better. If the purpose was to showcase or publicize the capsule product, it could have revolved around the prize being the capsule and having people enter in with stories (maybe with pictures) that may indicate that the capsule will serve as a perfect product to their daily life (idk, its just an idea)

regardless, im sure lots of people have capsules (idk how many of the owners are on the forums) and they will participate in this event, but im just sharing by 2 cents for what i feel are some of the things that people on both sides can try to understand. :slight_smile:

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That’s what this forum is about, us all having 2 to share!

I think a soundcore/Anker speaker would have been a “wiser” choice??? That would involve a lot lot more people, and there are varying products/price ranges, that most (by most I mean, a huge percentage of forum members) would have been able to participate.

How many have entered so far?

To everyone complaining about not have the capsule or wishing it would have been another product I’m sorry that you do not have a capsule nor do I but that is the product Anker wants to promote at the moment :thinking::sunglasses: