Share Your Suggestions to Win Anker Gift Packs

As 2016 comes to a close we decided it’d be a good idea to look back at everything that we’ve accomplished this year. And by ‘we’, we don’t just mean Anker. We mean Anker and you guys—the best fans in the world.

Power User Nan.Ding was in touch on several occasions with some seriously cool new product suggestions. Among the ideas was a mini power strip for travelling, intended for tabletop use with AC and USB ports. We’re certain there’s plenty of Anker users who would never travel without it.

Power Station user Sherryl gave us some wonderful feedback on our new flashlight series. Her warnings about photosensitive epilepsy allowed us to not only begin working on product improvements, but also helped us provide clear safety information for other customers.

And we do more than read our forums and emails for product feedback. We used Amazon reviews for our iPhone 6 and 6s battery case to conduct a redesign. Its power button now works better than ever and it looks like users are much happier with the upgraded model.

That’s just a few examples of the difference that you guys make to Anker. If we wanted to include everything you’ve helped with, you’d be reading well into 2018.

So what are your expectations for Anker in 2017? What do you want to see from us? Where would you like us to improve?

To encourage as much valuable feedback as possible, we’re rewarding the 5 most liked answers with an Anker Gift Pack! And for special suggestions that go down well at Anker HQ, we’ll contact users directly and send out a free Anker product as a token of thanks.

Prizes: $100 Anker Gift Pack × 5

Gift Pack includes:
a PowerPort+ 5 USB-C with USB Power Delivery
a PowerDrive+ 3 Premium 3-Port USB Car Charger
a PowerCore Slim 5000
● a PowerLine Lightning 4 inch
● a PowerLine Micro 4 inch
a SoundCore Nano


● All users have a chance to win the Anker Gift Pack.
● The contest starts December 26th and ends December 31st 2016.
● Anker Team will review the likes received by each post. Fake likes will not be counted. Cheaters will get a warning message from Anker and risk being disqualified from future events.
● Winners will be announced on January 3rd 2017 via the forum.
● Anker reserves the right of final explanation of the contest and prize winners.


It would be great if Anker produced multi ended cables like a 2 in 1 micro USB to lightning adapter at the end of the cable.
Another cool feature of some cables is the reversible USB end where it can plug in to the USB no matter what way around it is. I know there are only 1 of 2 possible ways to plug the USB end however I often find it takes me 3 attempts :).
Thanks Anker :slight_smile:


For iPhone users, I would love to see a power bank with a Lightning input, so that I only need to bring one Lightning cable to charge both my phone and to charge the power bank.

Or perhaps a power bank with a built-in Lightning (or Micro USB for Android users) cable for my phone and a built-in full-sized USB cable to recharge the power bank. Then I wouldn’t need to remember any cables at all!



Touching on the @TechnicallyWell’s point about only have one cable, I’d like a power bank with USB C input and output, so I only need one cable.
I’d also like to have a choice of USBC devices to be Power delivery spec,rather than quick charge.

Torches - I’d much rather they be rechargeable rather than batteries.

And an out the box idea - some sort of rolly pouch thing for powercores, cables, plugs so I can wrap them in that before putting them in my bigger bag. Will protect them and make them easier to fine.


I would defiantly like to see a more affordable Power House. In the future i do plan to get the $400 one but i know alot of people dont have that much money to spend on an item like this. I believe if there was a smaller, more affordable Power House people might consider getting it as an alternative to the bigger one. It gives people the ability to experience how to use one and see what it can do for them. It might even make them consider saving up to buy the bigger one in the future. :).

Happy Holidays Everyone


since you have made great portable chargers and solar rechargeable ones, you are one step closer to a generator for home use!!!


For product improvements I would like to see like @Arwen a built in battery option for the torch range, yes there is freedom with being able to use batteries but many of us are often in range of a plug or power bank :grin:

Also perhaps including mini lightning connectors for devices plugged as for iPhone (such as the PowerCore Slim 5000)

As far as a new product, I would like to see something like a HD dash camera (or perhaps this might become a v2 feature for the Roav) now that my other grail has come to fruition thanks to Anker (lightning earbuds :grinning:)

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Something that really is a hot topic at the moment seems to be body cams. I would really like to see Anker take over the body cam field as the current “top dogs” still have a lot of work to do to get them perfect. I work as a first responder and have had the opportunity to test and review several body cams from some of the major players in the industry. Sadly they all fall short and it seems to be in the battery life and nightime recording capabilities just are not up to par, even the body cams simply staying put whereever they are on your body seems to be too much to ask from current manufacturers. I believe the world we currently live in where every move or lack thereof you make is under constant scrutiny a bodycam can make all the difference. Anker has proven to have amazing batteries and I without a doubt can see Anker engineering a remarkable and durable body cam. Who knows we may even see them in use throughout the United States and even the world… :wink:


Definitely agree with the torch improvements. I use my LC40 everyday without fail and always having to have batteries around for it can be a pain in butt.

I’ve just started getting into the drone world and like Cava said I’d love Anker to make an action cam that can actually rival GoPro without the massive price tag and not be like these cheap knock off ones that claim to be 4K and 1080P but look like something off a phone from 2005.

Also not sure if it’s possible but drone batteries that could give you longer than 5 minutes flying time would be a godsend. I’m still learning about the drone world so not sure if that’s actually possible or not.

Hope everyone had a cracking Christmas :christmas_tree::slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

I have said it before, I would love to see Anker come out with a Qi wireless charging car mount.

With my current set up the charging cable always pops out. It would be great if Anker could be on the forefront of Qi charging and car mounts. Combined!!



Another idea:

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus 2 in 1 Lightning Charging Cable 3.5mm Headphone Adapter and Lightning Charging Port Extension Cable for Apple Devices iPhone Lightning Converter and Audio Jack (No Music Control)


I have a few suggestions for Anker, even though I think you are doing great.

  • I would like to see a user serviceable spare parts page, broken down by product. For instance:
    *Filters and brushes for vacuums. Charging bases, sonic walls.(Anker/Eufy)
    *Perhaps bags/cases for batteries, wraps or twistys for cables etc.
    *Replacement ear buds for headphones.
    *Replacement A/C chargers for all the devices that use them.

It would be convenient for users, and give the appearance that the products are serviceable to a point and not disposable.

  • A master battery comparison chart for all past and present battery packs. It may exist but not sure where, so if it does link it right on the portable chargers page so it is easy to find.

  • Ruggedized rubber skins for the battery packs

  • A master usb charger comparison chart for all past and present A/C and Auto usb chargers. It may exist but not sure where, so if it does link it right on the usb chargers page so it is easy to find.

  • The ability to dim or shut off led’s on A/C and Auto usb chargers.

  • A master speaker and headphone comparison chart.

  • Ruggedized rubber skins for the bigger speakers

  • Anker branded external hard drive enclosures

  • Apple watch charger

  • Beta testing more products for Power Users!

  • iphone 7 plus battery case

  • iphone 7 plus wide angle lens

  • anker branded cable wrap gadget (similiar to the fish shaped cable wrap)



Here is a thought to throw out there…
A PowerCore (5,000 or 10,000) with a solar panel attached on the backside. You could charge the PowerCore as normal via the wall or via the sun. You will always have the ability to charge your PowerCore either at home, work, or by just talking a walk outdoors. It could be called the Anker PowerCore 5000 Solar… :sunglasses:


I would like to see a Bluetooth microphone, lapel type, that can be used with an action camera when it’s in the waterproof case. I have a couple action cameras and when I stick them in the waterproof case to go for a hike or bike in the rain I get completely muffled sound and have to add a soundtrack. If the action camera does not support Bluetooth then maybe there could be a powercore/storage drive to record the audio to.

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Not so much a new product, but I would like to see Anker improve the product portion of the website. I would love for them to put a “comparison” feature so that you can select two or three items to compare to each other. Anker has so many similar products and different generations, it would be nice to have a side by side comparison. I get asked all the time from people wanting to know the difference between items.

As far as a new product,I think Anker could make a great headlamp! Hands free flashlight!


As previosuly mentioned by myself and other Anker aficionados, we would like to see the implementation of Anker stickers and Anker apparel in giveaways and stickers in all your products. Stickers come with almost all Apple products and has really created a massive brand awareness for Apple. I believe the same can be done with the Anker brand. As for t-shirts everyone wears them (mostly) so creating a stylish yet subtle Anker T-shirt would also be good for brand awareness and will give the wearer the opportunity to talk about Anker and what they are all about. I have in the past been stopped in public both while working as well as off duty when someone sees me charging my device(s) with one of Ankers portable batteries and that has given me the chance to talk about Anker, I have even in some cases given away some of my Anker products for them to have in hopes of them spreading the word and becoming Anker fans as well.


I would love to see Anker make …

  1. GoPro battery grip … especially useful for the Hero5 since there is no more ports to attach a battery bacpac
  2. Apple Watch charger … either a cigarette lighter stand type, mini power brick, or even a charging case
  3. A rechargeable headlamp that can be pointed in different directions
  4. Mini torches with color caps … for light painting
  5. Running/bicycling vest/strap for your chest/back that lights up … but the lights would outline your body and not just one blinking light
  6. iPhone charging dock with Apple Watch charger
  7. GoPro battery charging bank … where you can just set your battery on the charging bank without carrying extra cables …think battery pack with GoPro battery slots :wink:
  8. USB hub with Quick Charge
  9. iPhone case with LED lights around it … for selfies and low light shooting
  10. GoPro bluetooth microphone for the Hero5
  11. Solar powered chargers

So far, that’s all I got. Lol.

Here are some suggestions I would like to see for the site …

  1. A comparison feature
  2. For products to have a “year” label … so we can see what year’s model it is
  3. A section with explanation between Powercore, Powercore+, etc so we can better understand the product and make better choices for our needs

I would love for a portable charger which would incorporate an apple watch charger on the body. This would be easy to strap the watch around to offer a secure on the move charge.

Alternatively, a charger with lightening input, so that apple users only need to use one particular charger to charge their phone and also the portable charger.

An iPhone case with built in speakers would be really cool too, to make listening to music easier on the move and offer a better alternative to the preexisting phone speakers!

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A Compact Portable Battery/Phone Charger In One that plugs into wall outlet and can charge battery and phone at same time when plugged in to wall (w/ foldable wall plug to make it more compact), Have at minimum 6000mAh Battery, and have minimum Two PowerCore Speed USB charging ports


Maybe codes that don’t expire before their noted expiration dates… Tried to get one of those flash lights, no luck.

Privacy screen protectors.

Bring back some other input devices, like the gaming mouse?

Mechanical gaming keyboards with decent switches.