Share your most memorable travel photos!

We use our smartphones every day (naturally powered by a plethora of Anker gear!), and within are buried some photographic gems.

Here are some examples captured by our Community Team…

● Yosemite National Park, Half Dome in California, USA (Shared by Erik)

● Furong Village, China (Shared by David)

● “Some Old Wall” (Shared by Will)

● Guess where the photo was taken? :slight_smile: (Shared by Ellen)

● Seen in a bar - where else? (Shared by Francis)

What are the best photos on your phone? What are the stories behind them?
Bonus points for telling us what Anker products you used to power you to get the shot.

The bar is set… we look forwards to seeing your amazing moments!


Dillon, CO. PowerCore+ Mini


The beauty of nature in Paraguay !!! COORDILLERA DEL YBYTURUSU (PARAGUAY)**

From Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, we made a 4-hour trip to get there. It has been great to be there.
For this photo, I use the selfie stick to get a better approximation, because we were in the car, and the portable charger “astro” to recharge the phone battery


10,000 ft high with the Astro E1 5200mAh, great view of the city


A little fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada called Peggy’s Cove. Home of a very famous lighthouse. The most friendly people I have every met in my life live in Nova Scotia

. They all want to share their stories and are never in too much of a hurry to listen to yours. Lots of the houses are very colorful so I asked a local and he said that the paint that is left over after painting their fishing boats every year goes on their houses, chairs, etc. Anker battery was powering my old HTC sensation


Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO!


I love taking pictures, both on my main camera, and my phone. This one is taken over christmas while visiting the town I grew up in. The beach is pretty much always stormy, which I love!

I visit Devon regularly too. Powerbanks are fantastically useful while our walking on dartmoor. This hide is a typical find when you stumble across the few small forests there is. The light always seems to take on a magical feel in these little forests.

And my last picture for now is not really a travel photo, but a picture of the trees outside my work, which I really like the light in.


Recently did a 3800 mile road trip from Oklahoma to Seattle and back. Took a bunch of pics with phone. Only used my anker batteries for power at hotels :slight_smile: Not my most professional work but here are some that came out great for random phone pics i think.

Northern New Mexico

The Dog House in NM (ala Breaking Bad)

Melissa Ethridge at Fremont Street Las Vegas

Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo, TX

Area 51 Nevada

Area 51 Nevada

Area 51 Nevada

Panarama on top of Pikes Peak Colorado

Coastal fog coming over mountains, Brookings, Oregon

Slug Bug Ranch (TX i think)

Paramount Theater, Seattle WA

Fairplay Co, (southpark) Panarama

Moab Utah


I am enjoying the photos but not seeing very many so I thought I would share a few more. All photos taken with some Android phone most likely HTC and possibly some Anker gear involved.

Lake Louise Alberta

Rexford Montana relaxation

Kananaskis country, Alberta… Inukshooks with my RC

Camping somewhere

Two weeks of sunshine camping in Idaho and this is what we come home to
Hope you enjoy :sunglasses:


Wow, there are a lot of great pictures here! Here’s one from one of my many hikes last fall. The Anker PowerCore 5000 came through for me that day!


camping and cocktails!!


This is from Sunset Cliffs in San Diego–one of my favorite places in the city. PowerDrive 2 and an Anker lightning cable keep me charged in the car, and a PowerCore 10400 makes sure I can take as many pictures as I want.


Warriors Wall, New Mexico 2014


Does anyone have any really good pictures of storms or tornadoes?!!? Thanks so much!

It may not be vacation travel, for me, but for most it is. I go to Disneyland, every day since 2011. Today will be Day 1858 of consecutive daily visits to Disneyland. I shoot and post images daily on Instagram, and other social media sites, that I have captured with my Samsung Galaxy Note5 and powered by my @AnkerOfficial external batteries.

You can also find me on Facebook at Disney366.

Jeff Reitz

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Jeff (@Disney366) is definitely good follow for any Disney fans–I’ve been following him on IG for a while now.


Thank you Mark.

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wow!! amazing!!! :heart_eyes:

I love your photos!

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From a recent trip to Iceland. My PowerCore+ 10050 really came into it’s own!