Share Your Love Story and Win...with Emoji!

Hey, Anker fans!

It’s that time of year, where those of us with relationships look back on the years and months and joy, while those of us who are single, well…we have stories too! We’d like you to share your love story, tales of love gone by, or even just a tale of family or friendship, but with a twist. Your challenge is to use only emoji!

So whether your story goes like this:


More like this:


Or even something like this:

Once upon a time, a girl went on a quest to find her true love and was very surprised by what she found.
But it all turned out alright in the end, and they lived happily ever after.

We want to see it presented in emoji form! If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is an emoji worth? We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out in this event! You can use our forum-based emoji here, or clip your own from a site like this.

The 3 most creative entries will win one of the following pairs of products: one for themselves, and one to give to a loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Pair 1:
PowerStrip Pad and PowerCore Lite 10000.

Pair 2:
SoundCore 2 and Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds.

Pair 3:
eufy Genie Smart Speaker and eufy Smart Plug.

Just leave your story in the comments below to participate. To make it easier on you, you can use a maximum of 2 sentences of English text to help you tell your story with emoji.

And one more thing! Everyone who participates will get 100 PowerBucks to use in the Anker Auction House and PowerDraw. Let’s get storytelling, Anker fans!


  1. Participants must log into their community account in order to play (or create one if they haven’t registered yet).

  2. Participants need to use emojis to tell their love story.

  3. You may only use a maximum of 2 sentences of text to support your emoji storytelling.

  4. Each participant will receive 100 PowerBucks.

  5. We will pick 3 winners with the most creative storytelling to receive a pair of products as shown above.

  6. Open to residents in the US, UK, Canda, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

  7. Contest runs from February 2nd to February 11th. Winners will be announced on February 14th.

Emoji Love Story WINNERS

Thanks everyone for participating in our Valentine’s Day Emoji Love Story event. The winners are:


Here are your prize choices.

Pair 1:
PowerStrip Pad and PowerCore Lite 10000.
Pair 2:
SoundCore 2 and Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds.
Pair 3:
eufy Genie Smart Speaker and eufy Smart Plug.

Just leave a comment below letting me know which pair you want. Thanks again for your support, and stay tuned for upcoming events. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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This sounds like a great contest! Can’t wait to see all the entries! I feel bad for the person who has to judge this! I have a question though. How many entries for this contest can I make?


Better start thinking now to come up with a good one because it might be hard since I barely use the emojis and they all look so similar

What’s anker auction house? I see it says you can spend power bucks in it.

Anker auction house is a monthly thing that Anker started a while ago where Anker puts a specific product up for auction and the people of the community bid for it to try to win


:woman: :wave: :man: then :couple_with_heart: so they get :man:+:bride_with_veil: and become a :family: and feel very :pray: and :smile:


:boy: :wave: :girl:
:coffee: :hugging: :couplekiss:
:cry: :broken_heart: :airplane: ::cry:

:man: :runner: :arrow_forward: :woman: :speaking_head: :heart_eyes:
:couple_with_heart: :couple: :bride_with_veil: :family:

We met a long time ago and moved apart, 10 years later we meet again. This time we see it as a sign were meant to be together and get married two months later, 6 years strong and many more to come.


2000 :calendar:
:man: :wave: :woman: :wink: :office:
:man: :wave: :speaking_head::woman: :beer: :tropical_drink: :thumbsup:
:man: :woman: :wine_glass::beer::wine_glass::beer::wine_glass::beer::wine_glass::beer::man_dancing:t2::dancer::beer::wine_glass::man_dancing:t2::dancer: :beer::wine_glass::man_dancing:t2::dancer::wine_glass::beer::wine_glass::beer::lipstick::kiss::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::couple_with_heart_woman_man::couplekiss_man_woman::bouquet:




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(PG version lol)

Basically she slid into my DM’s, after talking for a while we agreed to meet up and 2 years later I’ve moved in :yum:

EDIT - flags aren’t working properly :man_shrugging:t2:


:man: + :woman: -> :couplekiss::ring:
1 year later -> :couplekiss: :couplekiss:
2 year later -> :couplekiss: :couplekiss::couplekiss:
3 year later -> :couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::house:
4 year later -> :couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss:
5 year later -> :couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss:
6 year later -> :couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss:
7 year later -> :couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss::couplekiss:


18/12/2015 found this extraordinary woman in my home country a while on holidays :eyes::princess::heart_eyes::heart::dancer::spaghetti::wine_glass::sparkles::couplekiss::raised_hands::christmas_tree::gift::rose::pensive::cry::man::airplane_departure::flag_gb::man::calling::woman::two::four::alarm_clock::sunny::crescent_moon::love_letter::raising_hand::soon::airplane_arriving:
She prioritised our relationship and left her country to start a family with me :princess::airplane_departure::flag_gb::heart_eyes::smirk::ring::couple::soon::house::ballot_box_with_check::blue_car::ballot_box_with_check::gift::cat2::heart::couple_with_heart:


Cool contest! Time to get creative!

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In 1992 I met and :ring: this beautiful :woman:. In 1997 along came my first :baby: girl, 1999 my second :baby: girl, lastly in 2000 my third :baby: girl. 26 years later we are still in :cupid:! :eye: :heart: :family:


The One That Got Away…

.:boy: :eyes: :girl: :girl: :eyes::boy: :heart_eyes: :girl::heart_eyes:::couple_with_heart:

And for a couple of :cupid: years everything was perfect, until…

:girl::ticket:::airplane_departure::boy:, :boy::anguished::




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:boy: & :girl::family::family: