Share Videos That Make You Laugh!

Hi Anker Fans,

Today is going pretty slowly, so I have a challenge for you. What are the funniest videos you’ve ever watched? Not videos that make you smile, I mean the videos that make you cry with laughter every time you watch, or even remember them!

Share your favorites in the comments below so we can all have a laugh together!


I get a real kick out of late night show’s monologues. Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, I love it. There are a few segments on those shows that are usually really funny:

  • Hashtags on Jimmy Fallon
  • Amber says What and Jokes Seth Can’t Tell on Seth Meyers

I also love Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Sometimes those late night shows are the best way to catch up with the news without being depressed… Of course, I don’t actually watch those shows as they air - it’s been a few years since I watched any TV show as it aired. I watch it on YouTube the day after, like a modern human being. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So many categories

This quacks me up

A buddy at work showed me this last week. Couldn’t stop giggling!

Cheers! za zda-ró-vye! To your health?!

Gotta love those ducks! :stuck_out_tongue: Hilarious!

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Agree with you on everything but Fallon. He is the least funny “comedian” short of Conan.

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This the greatest thing on earth!


Nah, Fallon, and Conan are the best.

Haha Cats rule the world on the internet. :joy:


Powerbank idea lol

This one always crack me up. :stuck_out_tongue: