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Zolo, our apprentice brand, are gearing up to start their Kickstarter for Liberty+: The World’s First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones. So we thought we’d give them a few moments to share their story with the Anker Community.

So without further ado, we’ll let Zolo take the mic…

Hi Anker fans,

Liberty+ will be the world’s first zero-compromise total-wireless earphones; the solution to everything that is wrong with current total-wireless earphones.

So what’s the problem with current total-wireless earphones?

  • Loose and uncomfortable
  • Poor sound quality
  • Short battery life
  • Unreliable bluetooth connectivity

And what about Liberty+?

We’re unable to divulge all the details because our Kickstarter doesn’t begin until the 20th of June. But in the meantime we’re giving 10 people the chance to win Liberty+ for free with our referral promotion.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to cut the cord!


  • Starts June 12th 00:00 PDT, ends June 18th 23:59 PDT.
  • Only the top 10 participants with most referrals will receive a prize.
  • Winners will receive confirmation via email on June 19th.
  • Prize is one set of Liberty+ total-wireless earphones which will be delivered before October 15th.
  • New subscribers must confirm their email address.
  • Fake referrals are considered cheating, subscribers suspected of cheating will have their referrals removed.
  • Only one email registration is allowed per person.
  • Zolo reserves the right of final explanation on this promotion.

What link do we share?


If you registered your email on the Zolo website you should receive a ‘refer friends and win’ email shortly (mine arrived around 20 minutes ago). Once you confirm your email, you will get your link to share on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc)


great stuff @AnkerOfficial sending the links soon


I’m sitting this one out. I cannot refer friends as I do not know enough about the product yet. Implied in me referring is a recommendation. Cannot offer a recommendation, in fact I may actively advise waiting for it to be improved.

Examples of what we do not yet know:

  • the picture of the buds in the case which implies wireless charging. Will the case contain a battery so you can recharge the buds truly wirelessly? How big is the battery in the case? Will it be USB-C?
  • If you made the case a battery, will it also act as a portable charger for other items? (like some of the Soundcores do). The case looks small so implies no. What about a choice of cases small/large without/with charge output?
  • Sound cancellation - how does it work?
  • Noise isolation - how does it work? In other earbuds you have a choice of buds which effectively block sound or ones which do not. How do these affect the fit? There are a number of deaths related to folks with various hearing-blocking devices so being able to turn this on/off is key to balance of disconnecting from the sound of the outside world vs being able to hear added sound and yet “that truck coming at you” is still obvious.

Also $79 is above the “why not” price, so need to wait for reviews and specifications.

if you want my input then happy to sign NDA and receive specs and early beta-test and give some advice. I believe you have the Power User club of users who do that already.

Good luck to everyone else :wink:


I agree with you. I don’t like recommending anything that I haven’t used myself. And as you said, there are still too many unanswered questions. I usually wait for reviews and more information on a product before indulging in items above the $25 mark. One thing I do have faith in though, that since this is an Anker product that is going on Kickstarter… I feel more at ease that it will come to light. I’ve been burned by some Kickstarter campaigns that never came to light and lost my money in the investment. I trust Anker. On the side note, I would like to see how it compares to the Apple AirPods.


Hope i win these, their cool

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Ah thanks! Just got mine.

I would like to try out these headphones my headphones keep on breaking after a while so I’m kinda thinking of switching from wire headphones to wireless I’m kinda getting tired of wires dangling from my neck when I’m trying to work out

Good luck to everyone!! :ok_hand::wink:

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The Anker Soundbuds Slim cost 1/3rd the launch price of the Zolo Liberty.

If you don’t have the wire, the magnets, to make a necklace for when not in the ear, what happens to the Zolo Liberty buds when you’re not using them?

Do you:

  • put in a pocket
  • leave in your ears
  • lose them?

I can see a purpose, in certain contexts for these, but I also see the problem they’ll create. I was thinking the perfect context is you are in a spot with the case, you put them in your ears, then you’re done and put in a case. Good example is a run. The lack of the wire then is less to tug or bounce.

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They go in the case and then your pocket.

Good luck to everybody!!! :blush::grinning::slightly_smiling_face::wink::wink:

How many referrals do y’all have so far?

As of this morning 74, JK, lol


Well, I’m out. I’ve got 4.

Sorry, I meant to say zero, finger must have slipped. I am out of this one as I just won something. give’r bud you can do it

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Six so far.

I only got 7 total… definitely not winning. :frowning:

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Did they announce the winners?