Several problem with Liberty Lite (losing sound, mic background noise, ...)


I have been using my Liberty Lite earphones for more than a week now but I have several problems with these. I have sent emails and tried to chat but no luck. I hope to get some help how to fix to send them back to Anker.

  1. Randomly, every few minutes with full battery the buds lose sound and fade in from right to left again after have a second.
  2. There is an annoying delay when watching something on PC (I have tried few times to update everything it’s still there.)
  3. I need to know the battery life level when I hangout. On Windows (October Update) and Android (S8)
  4. No one in no condition can here me due to weak call quality and lots of background noise. Whether I am near s street, walking, standing, in a park or in a quiet room.
  5. Is there any Anker app to give me the status of these buds?

If you know that any of these problems are not fixable, please let me know how to send them back.


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sorry to hear that. i’ve had a very pleasant experience with customer support for my liberty+, but it doesn’t sound like you did. i wish you luck.

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I have already reset, unpaired/re-paired them based on manual.

and you e-mailed support?

Hi @Millad,
As @betzalellebovic mentioned, please email and they’ll be happy to help!
Please note that it may take a few days for a response due to the holidays.

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1.) Delete the Bluetooth profile from your phone, clear your phones Delvic Cache…you can Google how to do this. Then turn your phone back on and repair it, the fading in and out should stop but if it doesn’t try using a different app to see if that is the cause of it

2.) The lag on your oc could be due to differences in Bluetooth profiles or a driver issue, I would recommend that you find out the manufacturer of your Bluetooth card, go to their website and download the latest driver and install it. Then try a fresh repairing and see if that helps on the computer.

3.) In order to see the battery you need to have Samsung “Smart Things” enabled and the Bluetooth profile chosen.

4.) Call quality comes down to connection with your phone and how cluttered the area is with electrical interference. I would say this may be a hit or miss and could even be an issue with your earbuds

5 ) the Zolo app was made for the liberty+ so it won’t work with these. But if by status you just want battery level, then enable Samsung smart things as I mentioned above

If all else fails, email provide the serial number, order number, and any troubleshooting steps you have taken


Thanks for the great mini write up. I’m saving this so I can use this when this happens to me. :grin:

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We should create a library where all this VERY helpful troubleshootings are stored.

This should be pinned at the top forever.

Thank you Rob an “Happy New Year”