Setting up other users for Eufy video door bell

Has anyone been able to set a second user to monitor the door bell. Here are the steps we have done.

  1. Installed Eufy app on first phone, Clicked Add Device and went through setup. Everything works fine.
  2. Sent invitation to second user, different email address. They downloaded app, installed, registered with the different email than the first phone. Ran the app, logged in and it just sits there at the Add Device page. If you click add device it wants you to scan the QR code and it goes through the entire setup process. Actually tried that and it removed the device from the first phone.
    The first phone shows the invitation request as “Waiting”

The invitation email does come to the second phone. Have un-installed and re-installed via the link in the invitation email using a diff email than the first phone.

Cannot figure out how to accept the invitation on setup second phone to monitor the door bell.