Set "Disarmed" security mode for a limited time, then return to another mode (Home)

We normally leave our cams in the Home mode which records and sends notifications on motion detection. But there are times when the motion detected events are temporarily not necessary, for example, when doing yard work. It would be great if we could set the system to Disarmed (or a custom mode) for a set time (one hour for example) and then have the system automatically return to Home mode. Basically we would like to temporarily disable the system. Thanks.


I really wish there was more integrations for other smart devices. I use SmartThings for my main presence sensor and use it to update other things (Nest, Ecobee, Etc.).

Good idea as i normaly forget to turn back the mode when home and/or leaving.
I have some cams on my roof terrace and when i am out there, i change mode to turn them off. But when i am leaving my roof terrace i always forget to switch mode again.

So your idea is not new, already suggested by someone, but not yet realized by eufy.

You can also check my TO-DO-List Point #16 here:

Thank you for your suggestion, it has been delivered to eufy security team. Product managers will assess priorities based on all needs.:innocent:

@arzoo eufy is already working on a snooze feature which will enable user to snooze a camera for certain time period and after that it should revert back to original settings. It’s almost a few weeks away from releasing, as far as I know.


That’s great news, thanks!

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Great news bro! :+1:

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Perfect news hope it works as I expect.