Server probs

Seems the server is overloaded.
May be a change from 8084 to 8085 INTEL processor might help!

They need to put their back into it. 1…2…3…

Glad they got it working

Both the Anker and SoundCore communities were having issues , had reached out to thier support.

Anker went down completely :anguished:… glad they got it fixed sooner… was down for good 6-7 hours

You all over the pond are sleeping.
Only we view Europeans are there!
So its better. :wink:

This is the issue when things are run from the same server…surprised after the last spamfest / downtime etc the communities were not split off to separate mirrored servers or preferably a clustered setup…

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So social sites should be isolated too?

Lawrence from soundcore opened a honeypot!
Give away! :wink:
All worldwide lurkers are in! :rofl:

Seems we should tell them how to run servers properly.
Hardware is cheap, OS is free, but the maintenance had to be done well.

I know this community server is not important so much.
May be this is a mistake.

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Glad it’s up and running now :grinning:

You’re 90% correct.

Most businesses rent the VMs from a cloud supplier. This is not a recommendation, just an illustration.

The back-end scale-out architecture is likely on reserved instances with a minimum autoscale group with auto-scale on-demand web front-end instances.

So you say hardware is cheap but when you factor the hosting costs (power mostly) it does stack up e.g. $4/hour = $35K/year.

Most logically it was a software error, so yes, maintenance, rather than hardware. But every time a service goes down, an “oh…” moment later then stops that happening again. You can pretty much remove physical reasons for failure but we’re all still limited by human mind and experience.

I agree with @ndalby , you cannot predict and solve all human errors, but if you did run the other community sites on shared-nothing, it would have been very difficult to bring both down, and if you software testing using the canary method even if you did make an error it would be a small % impact.

I’m an AWS certified, BTW. :slight_smile: Sat the exam and got 96% pass rate.
But not yet Azure.


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Great stuff @professor :clap::clap: we have a cloud certified person amongst us :+1:

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Seems the probs are starting again.
Everydays bottleneck!

I doubt it is a bottleneck, not in 2020. Probably configuration error, i.e. human error. Most hardware now is what is called “cloud bursting”. You just pay more in computers when it gets busier. Hopefully a bright person is on the problem.

If not, I charge $2500 per day as a consultant. :innocent:

We dont know!
Even they dont know!

I would do it cheaper.
But they will not trust me and you too! :rofl: