Server down again, and Pan & Tilt camera is going crazy meanwhile, rolling it's eye into the back of its head

OK, server is down or something, can’t see the two cameras, but what I’m worried about is that the pan and tilt camera is repeatedly moving back and forth and I can hear the motor whirring even as its reached its limit. It keeps going to the position where you insert the microSD card. I think it’s going to break itself so I unplugged it.

Try turning them on again, maybe they just need a reset

Naw it’s not that. I did try just in case, but the Eufy app says I don’t have devices and if I try to add one I get “502 gateway error”. The Pan & Tilt is repeatedly doing the calibration dance.

We are getting reports from product team that servers are slowly coming back up. There may be intermittent problems for a bit. Please refresh your app from time to time to see if things reappear.

Thanks. I’m not upset at the servers going down. I’m just concerned about how the pan & tilt reacted. I think it could destroy the motor or strip the gears.

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Oh I see! And yes, it could even damage the camera if it does it every single time the servers go down

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