Sensors & features

I’ve just bought a budget camera & sensors kit from wyze & it’s made me question

Why are the contact sensors as big as they are?

When are you going to make them more usable? Eg when activated set a camera to record

For £50 I got a camera, 2 contact sensors & a motion sensor

For the same price I’d get 2 eufy contact sensors that has less features

You say you are working at improving the Eufy cam system but it’s starting to feel like it’s stagnating, the roadmap timeline items haven’t materialised

Think me and others will be leaving for better things soon & advising others away from your system

I’ve had quite a few people asking if I’d recommend Eufy cam and I’ve told them to hold off until you have gotten the features listed on the Kickstarter campaign sorted, most of which went with Arlo instead



I agree 100%. It is quite a shame and blame and also very frustrating and disappointing whats going on with the eufy cam in the past months, especially in the past weeks! There are so many issues and so many features which are useless or bugy and there is sooo much work to do, and all they do is … nothing?! … Updates are rare like water in the desert, update news or new roadmaps are not coming, it seems like the already earned enough and do not want to invest any more work hours or money or development into the eufy cam. Extremely inappropriate.

@AnkerOfficial, @AnkerSupport, @AnkerTechnical, @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell

I am urgently waiting (like many others) for the promised eufy cam RANGE EXTENDER, as most of my cams frequently lose contact and stop recording for hours(!) and my max range in general is joking 12 meters(!)

I am also urgenlty waiting for the update and improvement of the (currently) useless and not worth its name ACTIVITIY ZONES!

If it continues like in the past weeks and eufy is not finally getting up their 45535 and continue development and improvement, i am close to ask for refund for all my homebases and plenty of cams! :rage:

Or i just destroy all the stuff and change to a security cam cosmos which is fullfilling the needs of a security cam in its entirety!

… and then i will be lost for the eufy / anker cosmos … for good!

Remember: eufy cam isn’t cheap at all! I invested several thousands of dollars in it already. Therefore eufy cam should be the best available security cam system overall … it is far away from it since 8 months already. Sure, some updates came, some things got fixed and improved, but there is still much to do and fix. But currently everythinbg seems to be “frozen”! :open_mouth:

Currently i am extremely dissatisfied with the eufy cam situation. :-1:
The activity in the community and forums also strongly decreased in the meanwhile. The people are just annoyed and bored and frustrated. And i understand them totaly.

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I think the activity here also shows the state of the situation, it used to be very active here, now there’s maybe 5 post a week
The wyze forum is like what this place used to be like and it’s an older product which is only officially released in America (had to have it imported by Amazon to the UK)

There are lots of smart home devices out and coming out and people want them to work as expected & interact with eachother

I bought the wyze system due to the motion sensors that you lack

I also had your system boxed up for 3 months, due to it not being fit for purpose, got it back out & I think the only change is the active zone

In my eyes you have until the end of summer, a year from the start of the Kickstarter campaign

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I agree. IMHO the Wyze sensor is a much better deal- it just requires a wyzecams…

All depends on which ecosystem you want to build… u have some of both now :man_shrugging:

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To be honest I have multiple systems now, all of which integrate with Google & Alexa, the only one that isn’t IFTTT is eufy but IFTTT isn’t the best, people have suggested some alternatives that don’t have upto 15min delay which I’ll look into

I only received my wyze cameras yesterday (3 cams, 6 door sensors, 3 motion sensors) but so far I’m preferring them to the eufycam
Due to how cheap the sensors are people have also been experimenting with them eg doorbell, water sensor, mail delivery sensor, dusk to dawn (photo) sensor etc

The outdoor setup doesn’t look as good but it gives constant recording to SD card with the ability to see what happened before the activation notification

Only thing I can see that it lacks is an alarm but to me the Eufy homebase you don’t want to give away it’s location to robbers so wouldn’t use that as an alarm & it’s not loud enough to act as a deterrent so it’s the same as not having an alarm

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Just to add @Haloweenhamster wyze is lacking battery powered cameras as of now, but never know, they might be working on that too…using Anker PowerCore batteries :joy:

Wake up eufy/Anker, see the frustration, you better rectify the issues NOW… and be quick to react, if not… prepare for losing grounds on this wonderful 365 day wire-free security camera.


Quite a few people use a solar panel & usb battery with no issues, think I’ll give it a go when I have some time, image that, a wireless, fit & forget system

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Hello!@Haloweenhamster Sincerely apologize for all disappointment and inconvenience caused by the long waiting of improved sensor function. We’ll forward your concerns to the supervisor of our engineer team for an expectation of further progress acceleration. We’ll keep working! Thanks so much for your valuable feedback!

Anker Eufy needs to have a Security Cam with Battery backup in $35~40 range, this will be a real game changer!!! and plus add on sensor and motion detectors

Hope @AnkerOfficial Is listening :ear: this has been a constant request

Since Eufy are lacking in features, what cameras or security system would you guys recommend instead?

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The last time suggested, Anker made the thread unlisted :rofl:

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Don’t Worry, I messaged him and gave “the suggestion”… :joy:

@Shenoy @TechMan lol did I miss something?

So basically me and @Shenoy talk about this brand sometimes, and the posts always get removed lol. Even if there not promoting heheh :joy:


I’ve been looking around for a good camera setup. Unfortunately what I need is a wireless 2 camera system. Still looking cause the eufycam is pretty expensive and doesn’t go on sale.

Oh I see! Thanks for the suggestion on the brand


Do let us know if you need more details on these, am part of beta tester group - send over DMs

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Thanks dude. I’ll let my parents know, since it’s them who need a security camera

Hey gus … don’t let me die dumb … i wanna know also which brand and cam you are talking about. Send me PM’s if posting it here will be CENCORED … thx!

I am currently very sick of eufy cam and if they continue to do … NOTHING … i probably switch.
You know that i am probably one iof the most enthusiatic, motivated and involved eufy cam fan, owner and suppoert, but this is NOT a oneway road! … If nothing comes back, people leaves and take their money with them!

Payed thousands of dollars and recommended euf cam to several friends and neighbours, just to take note that 6 months after release no one seems to beinterested to make the product as great as promoted and as perfected as wanted. In the meanshile i regret to have euf cam recommended to my friends. Even if they are not as “nerdy” and involved as me, they also note that not everything is working and perfect at eufy cam and i always stave them off.

Now its time for eufy TO DELIVER!

Anker/Eufy only posting empty words and statements month for month … Some days ago i noticed this very extremeley. @AnkerOfficial finally been on here and answered several people and posts and issues and pelnty of threads … nearly every time the same post! Only phrases. Yikes.