Sending defective speaker

I made return request for defective product purchased on Ebay, the product was not new. They sent a speaker with obvious signs of use and in a box without seals, with dents on the top and dirt on the base, What a disappointment.

I was given the option to send the product, however I have stated that the same is in Colombia and shipping is more expensive than the product itself.

I do not want to keep a used or refurbished speaker and it totally disappoints me that they offer a new equipment and send one that is not and the truth for the canceled value still subtracting the 20% would have preferred another brand.

It is the only option? Will I definitely lose the product? Could I buy another new, unused and defective like the one I was sent so whether with a justified discount not to lose all my money?

Clearly this is a concern we all must face once in our lifetime. The purchase of falsely advertised products by any given site. Unless you know from the beginning that the speak was used and or damaged. I can not vouch for Anker in this case simply because this was not an Anker issue only an Anker product as sold by another site.

Firstly, and this is very important. I would contact eBay and file a claim report implicating those who sold the speaker to you. Also posting a review on the a sellers profile page with all the details of your concern.

Second of all, I would send a support message via Anker’s site and inform them of what happen view the bogus eBay seller. I can not say if Anker will do anything to correct your issue, but one can never know until they try.

The point here is to contact all thsoe who need to be contacted about thsi bogus seller and have their account suspended is this can be done. But as we all know buyer beware.

As I was informed earlier today… make sure you look for the official tag name as listed on sites like Amazon etc. If you do not see an official Anker tag on web site or in retail stores… I would avoid these locations unless they have been given permission to sell Anker products.

Lastly, if you locate a site or business who has posted details about being an official Anker product retailer… Before you buy, Contact Anker just to verify that site/business has been verified by Anker.

@AmpLighter Thank you so much for answering this question, it is very useful for our customers. @jorgedocuervo First, we apologize for all the inconvenience it caused to you. Before we can further assist you, could you please let us know if you made the purchase from Anker Direct store on eBay? If yes, please send us a picture to show the speaker you received and your order ID (or eBay receipt) to We are more than happy to help you with the exchange ASAP. If the purchase was made from another seller on eBay, we suggest you contact the seller directly for warranty. If you cannot get a response from the seller, you can report it to eBay for solving your problem.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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@jorgedocuervo You’re very fortunate to have Anker willing to offer you support on this issue. But this does bring up an interesting question.

@AnkerSupport Does Anker actually have a “scratch & dent” sale on products that may have been damaged while in transit/delivery but still work properly and have a warranty intact?..

I would be interested in purchasing items in this manor because i’m not to particular in appearances as long as the items/device functions correctly.

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Anker selling ‘reconditioned’ or ‘cosmetically faulted’ items. Possibly for two reasons;

  • safety checks which would need to be completed outside of the manufacturing process
  • additional difficultly when it comes to warranty claims

Well it was a good thought seeing how we tour stores looking towards the slightly dented goods as these tend to be offered at a discount. I mean there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a dented can of green beans…

@AmpLighter, @AnkerSupport

Thanks for the answer, the purchase was made through ebay, I raised a claim and give me the option to return the speaker, I have insisted that I am in Colombia and the return should be done within the USA, if I do from here it involves high costs.

I see that as the only option is to stay with a defective speaker and try to buy another so lose money, since I do not want to use a used product, feeling even cheated by Anker.

I already emailed and that was the option, SEND US THE SPEAKER. The damage was not in the transport since it came correctly packed and the dent does not notice as a transport hit but as a fall of height or something similar, also the box came without seals and the speaker had dirt use in the lower rubber The one that did not even bring protector. Buy a product offered by Anker as a new one.

I did not buy a used or refurbished product, well run well esthetics is important to me.

Ooh… this is new. @AnkerSupport account replies in <24h , so finally this forum gets a bit more attention than the @AnkerOfficial attention.

Less effort on others’ part like @TechnicallyWell and to some degree me!

@AmpLighter Thank you for your reply. Please be advised that we don’t sell “scratch & dent” to our customers at a discounted price. If you are interested in this, you can go for Amazon warehouse deal. Amazon is responsible for the warranty. Thanks

@jorgedocuervo Thank you for your reply with your receipt. We totally understand all the inconvenience it caused to you due to your shipping address. Please check your email to find our latest reply. Thanks

I followed the instructions, I am waiting for the confirmation from part of you.

@AmpLighter, @AnkerSupport, @AnkerOfficial,

Hello, I require confirmation about the refund, according to the message received from you.

@jorgedocuervo Thank you for your cooperation. Please be advised your refund processed. Please check your Paypal account, normally it will back to your account within 3 days. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for you cooperation.