Send elmo41683 a Powercore

This probably will get killed by moderators, I’m probably breaking some forum rules, but what the heck, probably can get away with it as I’m an active member.

elmo41683 had a Powercore stolen and has no Powercore.

We should send elmo41683 a Powercore for free.

Anyone who agrees should next time they win the Power Draw for a Powercore should PM elmo41683 and get the delivery address and send elmo41683 a Powercore.

It needs doing.

And no, I’m not elmo41683 , just a fellow community member.

Or, Anker should just do it, you know the delivery name+address already. He seems to like a 20000mAh.

Pictures of animals attached to create warm feelings to neutralize the “ban me” reaction when Anker wakes in 24 hours.


I second that, I would chip in to get him one if it’s not possible


@nigelhealy I appreciate this I really do. But I can’t ask anyone who has earned or won a prize to send it to me. It’s not fair to them or others who feel they should get one. Yes I miss my 20k powercore ll dearly as I used it everyday. But I will get one again eventually, be it by winning or me buying one when I have the money. It will happen at some point.


Haha love it :thumbsup:

I think he deserves one too. #Send@elmo41683aPowerCore


@namroc22 @Oggyboy appreciate the support

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First let us see what happens to the time guessing competition. Maybe you get through this a new one otherwise I would support it when Anker could send him one.

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The kittens won me over! :joy: But, seriously, @elmo41683 deserves it. #Send@elmo41683aPowerCore

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We’ll see how it goes :wink:

None set in stone :smile:

The puppy won me over :laughing:

In seriousness though, nice sentiment and thought there @nigelhealy for @elmo41683 PowerCore plight. I doubt Anker will intercede as the precedent created would be, well :anguished:

Hopefully @elmo41683 will fall lucky on an upcoming competition or PowerDraw though :wink:


Good people need some love…I believe in karma! And when good things happen, you “pay it forward” to keep it coming your way. With you working 2 jobs and taking care of your famly, that’s mad respect :fist:. It’s nice to see strangers from different parts of the world willing to help a fellow community member…good vibes

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No response… :hushed:


That’s odd because I never got the messages, I just checked my inbox too and all I see is the message I sent you

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Lets do this!! #Send@elmo41683aPowerCore


Well resend me the info and ill pack it up. And ship it out. Also send me what kinda phone you have so I can see what other stuff I can send :grin:


If I can win the 6700 I’ll send up to Vermont. Winter without a Powercore? :grimacing:



Maybe you are blocked somehow from getting my messages? I just sent you another :confused:

sent @elmo41683 a test message to see which end is the problem with messages.

Hmm, I got @nigelhealy message but none from you @cava3395. Lemme send you a message

Y don’t you just swap emails? @cava3395

@ryandhazen @cava3395

You let me know when your guys are ever in town…I’m about to sign off and get ready for super bowl…

Go eagles! (I’m a buffalo bills fan, we hate the Patriots)