Selfie stick and Mate 20 Pro

Bought this some time ago and has worked flawlessly with all other android phones yet it will not work with my new Mate 20 Pro.
As it needs to be connected via the USB C to 3.5 adapter I am assuming this is the problem?
Is there anything I can do?

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Well I haven’t see the 2.5mm since the old Blackberry days. Have you seen the new model

Or maybe pair up with this

Edited my original post.
Are you telling me that this particular stick will not work with this particular phone?
And if so why is that?
Why should the new model fair any better?

Try to contact support, they may be able to answer this question. Honestly I don’t use this item. I do see I the comments that it’s no supported by a few new iPhones, maybe there is something missing on the mapping from USB-C to 3.5mm, same for lightning to 3.5mm

Thanks, will try support.