PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I love my eufy robot vacuum however i have 2 shedding dogs and i can never remember to empty the bin every day if i leave it on a schedule to self clean. I really do want to stick with eufy since they are not over priced and Ive had no issues with your products thus far, HOWEVER i reallllllly wish you had a self emptying robovac. Ive been debating getting a competitor for this reason alone! Im willing to wait a little while longer but i really hope you do put one out on the market soon!


There some of those self emptying models
from other companies on the market.
But - > The more technique, the more features, the more issues. :smile:

My “Old Willy” is now more than 2 years working properly here in our house.
Got a new middle brush last year, that was all.


I would love to see a self-emptying robot vacuum from Eufy!

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I agree, my 3 year eufy needs to be replaced. My parents and brother have one of the models that has self emptying base station and they have empty them every days. When my Eufy dies and its time to replace mine, I will replacing my with one that self empties. I hope Eufy has one when I need I need to replace it.


Maybe their will release one soon :+1:


I’m surprised one isn’t out already… maybe this will be the year?

I loved my Robovac 15C MAX. I don’t use it much anymore. I need to empty that thing twice everyday, plus it takes so long to vacuum the house. It needs mapping. Hope eufy makes something like this to compete with iRobot Roomba s9+ which runs about $1000.

eufy RoboVac 50C
Intelligent Mapping
Navigation with laser & optical
Set schedules & boundaries with eufy Home app
2,500 Pa Max

I have an i7+ and would never buy another robot vacuum without self emptying. The closed bag system is great, and its nice I don’t have to empty it mid cleaning. I’m surprised Eufy hasn’t released something yet.

Sorry I could not resist!


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Self emptying should be available in all smart vacuums

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Ok, I left a post in the Wishlist thread:

Life span sub 12 months w loss of 20% functions by 8 mo and you got a deal

No self-emtpying but there is a mopping one lol

if we just replace the bin with a hole,
Self-Emptying achieved
N’est ce-Pas?

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Lol true, just drill a hole at the bottom and you got yourself a self-emtpying vacuum :rofl: