See cable box hdtv or directv in nebula mars 2

Good afternoon to the community!
Someone has managed to watch TV direct from an HDTV cable box or directv box. I get the error that does not detect the Hdmi signal from the cable box.

I have tried changing the HDMI cable and I have not managed to see anything, it will be possible to somehow watch live TV without using an application that feeds from the internet.

I have also tried connecting to other sources of hdmi, bluray, notebook and others, all work perfectly.

So it’s just the problem with the cable boxes? or directv ??

attentive to your comments.

greetings to all.

I would try playing around with the resolution output of the cable box and use a cable that you know works.

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Check the manua.

Various things insist on different GRADES of hdmi cable. This could be the reason.

If you can’t find it in the manual, then check with nebula support… Also check with TV box what grade it says.

@Cesar_Lopez1 As mentioned already it does sound most likely a resolution or refresh rate issue…check your HDMI output settings on your TV and see how they compare when you are connected directly to your Nebula projector (model?)…

Hello! Thank you very much for your help!!!
It was indeed the resolution output of the clable box. I change it to 720p and it works perfect.


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Happy to help enjoy your new setup