Security panel return sound alert

I have recently switched from a paid security service to Eufy and noticed a major glitch with Eufy security. I have placed the home base well inside the house and it is out of reach and sight for any intruders.
When leaving the house and having turned the alarm on, there is a countdown in the panel as set up in settings. But when we return, there is no indication that the alarm is on other than if you look at the panel. The home base might give some sound but we cannot hear this since it is hidden. The alarm is triggered unnecessarily frequently.

I have been in contact with eufy support to check if I have not set this up correctly but after a number of iterations I understand there is a missing notification.

So Eufy, please add sound alert in the panel for when we return. This should be a small issue. Add it as an option under alarm delay for the chosen alarm mode.

Have you tried to do the geofencing ( I believe that is what it is called as I do not get cell phone in the valley). II do not look at it but once or twice but you can set that up for you and other so that the alarm will not go off when you come close to the home.

I may be wrong on the name of it as stated that I do not even try to use it at my location.

Hi Duane

Good idea. Geofencing I’m familiar with and can be a good option for families where all members have smart phones. But we have a child who does not have smart phone yet. And we hold back as long as possible.
My mother and others have a key to our house as well and can come and go as they please. So operating using panel only is important for us. And not having the intense beep in the panel when one opens a door with delay is for us a major setback.
I’m a product manager for a software company myself and see that this is a quite small thing to fix. But I understand that there might be a que to have stuff fixed but this should be prioritized.

I see another request for external alarm in this forum. That is high on the priority list and related to the topic of hiding the home base since the home base should be hidden to ensure maximum protection of stored data. Where I live, the home base has to be hidden and in a video covered area for the insurance to grant you discount.