Seasons Greetings eufy Fans!

Are you a soon to be parent? In search for a better baby monitor? Or just scratching your head not knowing what to bring to the baby shower you just got invited to. Then great news! eufy Security recently released the SpaceView Baby Monitor and, boy oh boy does it bring the traditional baby monitor into the modern era.

Standout features include:

  • Getting an exceptional view of your baby: The large 5” 720p display shows a sharp and clear picture, with 10 times more detail than ordinary 240p-display baby monitors.

  • Doubling your field of view: When your baby starts to move around, just attach the included lens to expand the view to 110°.

  • Viewing from where you want: The 460ft-coverage area keeps you connected in real-time wherever you are in your home.

  • Following your baby in the nursery: Pan the lens 330° to see corner-to-corner and tilt 110° to see floor to ceiling.

  • Knowing when you’re needed: Get alerted immediately when your baby is crying, even when you’re sleeping.

There’s zero setup required—after unboxing, just plug SpaceView in and that’s it!

Save $34 during the New Year’s promotion on the eufy US website.

Enjoy the final week of 2018!


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A lovely deal for the US folk!

Nice discount for US members :thumbsup:

As above :yum:

Nice discount to be had for our friends in the US

I really wish I had a need for this…


Me too. And watching the hubby sleep would be kind of creepy? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I keep going back and forth about picking one up. I currently have a Infant Optics DXR-8 for my daughter, and have not had any issues with it as of yet. My wife is due in about 3 weeks (Jan 15th) and I looked at getting an additional camera for it, but they are $100 just for the camera. I keep pushing it off so I can see more reviews on the SpaceView as we won’t need it for a couple of months while she is in the bassinet, but having that for my daughters new room/my old office would be beneficial for the larger display field so I can watch her get into mischief.

Great deal and my brother is having their first child in March. I am planning to by a baby camera for them. He wants the camera but needs integration into his home WiFi. He wants to add this camera to home network for future use and that means they need to view the camera feed offsite.

@AnkerOfficial do you know if their is a possibility for this feature to be added in the future? If not he will most likely go with another brand that does offer this service.

Nice deal!

That’s something on our Product Mangers’ mind, but I can’t tell you that it has already been nailed down for sure. I have forwarded your requirement for this feature to Product Development Team. Hopefully I can deliver some good news to you in the future. :grin:

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Thanks for the update. Its funny, I loaded up the forums and I had a handful of updates from December that are now just showing up.

So far my bother is still interested in the camera system. Hopefully I will have the money to purchase it in a few weeks.