Seasons change, autumn plans and Quebec tips

Autumn is upon us. It’s the prettiest season! At least above the tropics where we can really see the leaves changing into all those amazing colours.

Since I shared some Quebec summer activities here some time back, I thought it would be nice to do the same for the autumn - which is my favourite season. So, if you ever find yourself in La Belle Province from now until mid-December, be sure to try one of those:

1- Apple Picking. It’s an autumn staple in many regions, and Quebec is no different. There’s basically no getting it wrong in any apple picking place around here. I particularly like the ones in the Laurentides region - north-west of Montreal - and the Montérégie region - south-east of Montreal. Anything around Quebec City is also a nice option. The view is amazing, the smell is amazing, it’s a lot of dun. You can get out of there with a lot of fresh apples for a low price - these places usually sell different sized bags and you can fit as many apples in the bags as you can. You can also eat the apples in place! But save some place for the apple goods in the store every apple picking spot have. Apple pies, breads, cider, most freshly baked and delicious. Kids love the whole activity. If you need one spot near Montreal, I would recommend the Quinn Farm

2- Road Trip. It doesn’t even matter where you go, the trip itself is the fun. My tip here is: avoid highways, always turn on any sign that says Scenic route, Tourist route or something like it. Stop on that little town you never heard of. Stop on whatever country fair you might encounter - and if you do, and the fair has a corn maze, absolutely go do that. In Quebec, the Estrie region is particularly nice for that but, really, every place has its charm.

3- Hiking. Autumn hiking can be very different from summer hiking, with its own set of challenges. That amazing view on the summer will be incredible on autumn. Just check, if you can, the state of the foliage before leaving for a hike. You’ll want peak colours if ever possible. Almost all Quebec hiking trails are amazing during autumn.

4- Visit a winery. If you are into wine-tasting, it’s an nice activity. But even if - like me - you aren’t, the visit still pays off, specially because it will most likely include a road trip of some sort. Most wineries have nice food, and it’s always fun to watch all those people trying to smell the fruity aroma… There are some fine wineries around Quebec City.

5- Hot Air Balloon. If you never took a ride on a hot air balloon, you don’t know what you are missing. We have a great festival near Montreal that happens during summer, but most hot air balloon companies have flights throughout the year. Check the website of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu festival to find a balloon company. Sometimes it’s tricky to pick an hour - there are specific conditions to fly a hot air balloon - but try for the late afternoon if you can, so you can see the sunset from above. Mornings should be your next best time.

6- Rent a chalet. Take a group of your friends, rent a chalet in the mountains, and go for a weekend - you can even start your hiking trail from there! Just one weekend of peace and quiet can make a lot of difference. Gather some supplies so you have to leave the chalet as little as possible. I particularly like barbecuing accompanied by board games. Try ans avoid gadgets in the chalet. Bring a book.

7- Photography. This one is non-exclusive with all above. Autumn is a great time for photos, so I recommend you always have your best camera on you if you like taking photos. Even in your own town. The fall of the leaves makes some amazing photo opportunities, and in all the activities above you’ll have plenty of photographable moments. My photo folder volume increases about 40% faster during autumn.

So, there you have it. A lot of fun to have in the beautiful season!

What’s your favourite autumn activities?


unfortunately where I’m at the weather doesn’t change much. It’s good and bad since my kids can’t experience it unless i take them on a road trip

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Should on one of the rare times, I do n win the lotto, I’d love to do something like above. Until that moment, it’s a case of only travelling in my very random dreams! lol

There are a couple of internet friends I’ve known for over 20 years, all based in various parts of the USA. Plus me n the Mrs, both say we’d love to do a big USA tour. We’d hire a big car n driver, hotels each night and maybe an RV (with driver) for a week or so… Obviously during late spring, early summer… Hopefully miss the winds!

Forgot to add… Have an old friend in Canada too.

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How’s Christmas time in Quebec City? When is the best time to go?


Wow, that’s sooooo beautiful! Autumn is also my favorite! Always want to hit Quebec. :heart_eyes:


While we never really did much as a family during Fall, other than Halloween which is also our anniversary. But we did go walking/hiking through the woods and trails to find ellysove waterfalls. We managed to come across some beautiful falls hidden within Vermont. I’ll see if I can find the pictures and post them here once I do.

Now that we are in North Carolina I’m not sure what new things we may do to enjoy this pastime


Autumn is my favorite season! Just curious @tiagomota, when is the peak for fall foliage?


It’s stunningly beautiful! Very, very cold, but beautiful. The old part of the town is always decorated, there’s usually snow covering everything, you can visit a hotel made entirely of ice - including the furniture in the rooms, where you can spend the night if you must. Surely something to be seen. Mid-December and after new year are the best times to check everything there.

But wait! This is an autumn thread! If you all behave yourselves, I might do a winter version as well… I know that technically mid-December is still autumn, but the winter mood arrives early in Quebec City :wink:

RVs are a great tip! I never did it myself, though I wanted to. But I do know a couple who went on a Canada-US road trip on an RV and had a blast!

There are several Vermont hiking trails on my wishlist! I visit there almost every year - in fact, I’m going there for the weekend next week! - but it’s always a short trip.

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In Montreal and surrounding areas it’s around mid-October. The more you go north, the earlier it’ll be. There’s a website where you can check how it’s going: The fall in Québec | Seasons | Bonjour Québec


The only thing I can tell you all my friends:
THE OKTOBERFEST here in München will start tomorrow.
14 days a huge party.
Not for me :grin: but for many young people from all over the world.

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Nice pics…

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Not mine, none of them. I just googled the subject and chose a nice pic. The community system copies the image to its server, but a Google Image search should probably get you to the image source.

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Looks amazing!

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