Screencast with Windows 10 to Nebula Capsule

Having to connect to the Capsule with HDMI honestly takes away the Capsule’s best features. The idea was for me to be able to place it wherever in my office and cast to it without having to run a cable. I understand I didn’t read up on the features of the device before purchase, but in 2019 I would have assumed that this was easily possible.

Maybe use a Chromecast? I’ve found that that kind of inexpensive streaming stick can be really handy when you want to cast content from a mobile device to projector.

Since Nebula Capsule has a Android platform, there may be some apps, which (if these can be installed on the Capsule) provide the mirroring or screen cast… not tested it.

May be a VNC View Only option from Capsule showing Windows 10 screen (extreme case… be careful about the security and credentials)

Do reach out to Nebula Support for more details / official response.

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@apsavarese, I see the point on Chromecast, and they are cheap, but I was hoping to not have to dock in other technologies to Frankenstein this into working (meeting my expectations).

@Shenoy, Yeah, in my younger/free-time days I would hack into this thing or look for an end around. Nowadays I just want things to work (meet my expectations) out of the box. :wink:

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@Steve_Carlisle1 I am almost becoming the same… and I hear you :slight_smile:

Do reach out to support, hope you get a easy to do response!

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Side loading apps is pretty easy :man_shrugging:

I actually did get it working. Looks like when I was docked (with three physical monitors) it couldn’t see the Nebula. Once I undocked I could see it. No configuration changes needed.

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That’s great to know. May be when you find some time, if possible, can you please take a picture of the setup and post it here. Thanks!