SCL Air 19 Xmas gift- FF to 2day, & left won’t play anymore

So I got the Soundcore Liberty Airbuds for Christmas and I struggled with getting the left ear bud to play. I initially thought they were defective and was about to send them out to be replaced but they suddenly worked perfectly and have been until May 2020. Now the left earbud isn’t playing again. I’ve tried resetting it in many different ways numerous times, every time the left earbud’s light has all the signs that it’s about to pair, then when BT says they’re connected , but when I pop them in and nothing out of the left bud!! I’m going bananas. It’s been weeks and nothing! I’ve cleaned them over and over again, nothing. Any ideas guys??

Do you get the same behaviour on more than one device?

It seems like you have covered the main troubleshooting steps otherwise, so you may be best reaching out to for assistance or replacement under your warranty.