Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Turn Brain Signals Into Speech

Scientists have been working on this project, which can turn brain signals into speech.

I’m sure a lot of people on this forum know, or are related to someone who cannot speak for some reason. Imagine if you could buy this product, that would allow you to talk to your loved one again? This could be a revolutionary product that could help many disabled people! I really hope they continue to develop this technology to be something great!

Let me know your thoughts on the article.

Do you know what AI really is?

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What do you mean?..

I have read so many articles regarding AI,
written by those who don’t really know what it means.
AI is often spoken of, but those who speak about have no idea what it is.

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This has nothing to do with AI…

I read so!

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Oh you are correct. Sorry, I had a stupid moment (Brain Fart). You are correct, this isn’t really AI. And against you are correct, the writer of the article (along with many others) don’t understand what AI is.

I know plenty who speak but it’s not connect to their brain!

You caught me :joy: